The Garlic Twist Chopper

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Garlic ChopperGarlic is a popular ingredient in many dishes and meals, however they are a little fiddly to chop up into tiny bits, and I always seem to find the typical garlic crusher a bit hard work and also a pain to wash up when used.

So although I own a garlic crusher I had to give the The Garlic Chop Garlic Chopper a go! Simply peel your garlic clove, and then drop it into one of the parts, add the second part on top and then simply twist. I am not sure how it works but it certainly does, twisting it easily breaks up the garlic into small bits using its super-strong interlocking teeth, you can then lift the top off and drop your crushed garlic into your pan. It is that simple.

The gadget comes in a lime green and is shaped like a garlic itself, the ridges around the edge make it easy to grip even if you have wet hands when twisting it. It can also be used for ginger too as well as garlic.

If you hate the smell of garlic and hate having to touch it, or washing up your garlic crusher then this is a great device that makes it so easy. The plastic is BPA-free and it is also dishwasher safe. As there are no small holes like a garlic crusher washing this under a tap or in your dishwasher brings it out like new.