Geneva Sound System Model S Wireless Review

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Working in kitchen for hours can prove to be strenuous right? But with Geneva Sound System Model S Wireless you can actually make your chores and cooking more interesting and happening while listening to music. What else? This kitchen tech gadget will also prove to be a beautiful addition to your kitchen decor or any other space. As with its amazing sound quality this wireless Bluetooth speaker can easily sync with a lot of technological devices such as tablets, laptops or smartphones via Bluetooth. This revolutionary invention also boasts beautiful design that will surely add aesthetic appeal to any space in your home.


The sophisticated Geneva Sound System Model S Wireless definitely combines an elegant and modern design that is further complemented with its high definition audio. The classy and compact design as per my opinion would complement any interior decor. When it comes to the design of the product, then Model S Wireless is something that you are inclined to find in Ikea’s showrooms, knowing that it combines modern tasteful design that would make it worthy to be featured in any home decor. Just like other Geneva speakers this model also follows the same design language including a hard lined body, piano-lacquered exterior and a boxy shape. Elevated and upgraded with an aluminium table stand, it surely captivates a person’s attention the moment it comes into sight.

The only complaint I have is that the glossy finish of these speakers is easily prone to fingerprints and smudges and would require your effort to clean it regularly. However, I would like to applaud Geneva for the intricate details it has further incorporated in the design. On the front of the Geneva Sound System Model S Wireless you will see 3 inch full speakers and 2 AB amplifiers that are neatly hidden behind a sturdy plastic grill that has a subtle bubble protruding which complements the design. On the right corner of the front grill, features a red LED display light that is for frequency/mode and volume. On the rear you will only find line-in port, power connection and a small spot to attach the external FM antenna. Another interesting addition to the package is its large buttoned remote control that relies on an infrared connection to control the speakers from any distance in your home. Available in standard colours such as black, white and red finishes Geneva Model S Wireless offers variety to people with different style and tastes.


When it comes to the performance I would say that the FM radio functionality feature of Geneva Sound System Model S Wireless is a nice addition but it can’t be claimed as a feature that stands out. This is because the tune-in radio streaming is offered by many apps these days, so we would not be too inclined to use the FM feature that often. To pair up the speaker with your Smartphone, you have to use the speaker’s remote control in order to switch to Bluetooth mode. This enables it to be automatically paired to the Bluetooth mode each and every time. Once this connection is established it can be maintained to 35 feet away. Lastly, thanks to the remote control which allows us to enjoy independent controls for the bass, volume and treble according to our wishes. Once tuned up you will be astounded by the high audio quality offered by these speakers. Trust me even at the highest volume setting you would not find the slightest distortion or strain.