Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

If you have ever woken up fancying a McDonalds but don’t want to leave the house… we have all been there, then this Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker is for you if it isn’t making you hungry already. Just looking at the images makes my tummy rumble. In user 5 minters you can have your own McMuffin made without leaving your house.

It will make 1 or 2 delicious sandwiches using your own fresh ingredients, including eggs, cheese, ham, tomatoes, and much more. Crack an egg into one of the special sections and it will cook it for you, toasting your bread, melting your cheese, it does it all. A simple timer is set and once ready an audible sound will be made, then it is time to tuck in!


The Hamilton 25490A is the new upgraded dual version of the Hamilton 25475A single sandwich maker. This fantastic kitchen gadget will ensure breakfast times are never the same again.

All the parts are dishwasher safe so once used they can be removed and dropped into your washer. This is a great device and well priced, if there was a downside it would be that you can only use pre cooked meat, so things like bacon would need to be cooked first, part from that it is quick and easy to use making a delicious breakfast in no time.

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