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AwoX StriimLIGHT is a two in one gadget that brightens your room and allows you to stream music from your computer or phone no matter where you are in your home. Ever dreamt about listening to hard rock music that is actually blasting out of a light? Odd isn’t it? It must be! But this cutting-edge home technology I am talking about is a speaker and light in one case. This multitasking appliance can help maximise your personal space by providing high quality speakers along with lighting! You can play music of your own choice by just connecting your phone or your laptop with the speaker through Bluetooth! For your convenience, this energy-efficient LED light bulb can screw into any traditional light fixture.

Striimlight’s 6.7-Watt light bulb is extremely straight forward to install and is powered by the lamp itself. This device has a subtle design and can be easy to hide within a room. Not only can you listen to music with the bulb on, but your favourite song can be enjoyed while the light is off! With AwoX StriimLIGHT, simplicity is everything. The speaker is there when needed and when not, it’s just a light bulb! As an all-in-one option that can easily blend into your living space, the Striimlight fits the bill.


With its conical shape, AwoX StriimLIGHT doesn’t look much like a bulb or a speaker. The Striimlight device isn’t translucent, except for the ring that is present at the top, around a metal speaker ring. This means that the light shines up or down, depending on the placement of the bulb but not out. This makes it more suitable for accent lighting than the type of bulb that you would usually use to actually illuminate a room. Overall, Striimlight is a cool and tiny mono speaker that delivers up to 10W of audio! And with its non-traditional shape shows us that any other option should be completely out of the question!


The Striimlight is a perfectly acceptable source of light that is stylish as well as inexpensive! The AwoX StriimLIGHT makes a surprisingly decent speaker for just $129.00 and provides a satisfying low end to your favourite tracks and allows your playlist to play in a warm, full sound. There is a minor distortion at high volumes but as the volume drops down a level, it gets evened out. The Striimlight is loud enough for regular listening but for a part, you’d definitely need a couple more of these devices. Overall, the Striimlight is easy to use with crisp and clear sound!


Amazon rates this device with 3.7 stars on their website. The AwoX StriimLIGHT is a good light as well as a speaker that is one of the most interesting and traditional devices that we have seen in a long time that compliment modernity along with simplicity.

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