Is the Iron the dullest thing we purchase for our homes?

Love it or hate it the trusty electric iron has been voted most boring item we ever buy for our home. According to a study by homeware retailer HomeSense, purchasing home items can be a great bonding experience for couples.

In their list of most desirable items to buy furniture was at the top with a chest of drawers coming in at first place closely followed by a wardrobe. At the other end the least depressible items to purchase was a dishwasher and shelving, and as boring as shelving sounds it was beaten by the trusty iron that came in bottom as the least desirable.

  1. Chest of Drawers (97%)
  2. Wardrobe (96%)
  3. Rug (96%)
  4. Bedding / Linen (94%)
  5. Dining Table (93%)
  6. Washing Machine (91%)
  7. Curtains (89%)
  8. Dishwasher (87%)
  9. Shelves (73%)
  10. Iron (64%)

If an iron comes in bottom then I am sure it must be beaten by an ironing board! Home interior shopping that is shared or my have an impact on the look and feel of a room is said to help bring couples together as they make a joint decision on the purchase. Items such as dishwasher, shelves and an iron have little interest from both sides and either are probably not fussed as long as it does the job.

As well as the dullest home purchases the research also reported that women tend to take the lead when it comes to buying interiors for their home, with a large 78 per cent taking control of the shopping trolley, yet nearly half of men asked seemed to think they are the one in charge when it comes to making purchases for their home.

So, what is the dullest home appliance you have bought?