Best Hand Soap for Washing Your Hands

We round up the Best Hand Soap for Washing your hands and keeping them clean.

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We round up the Best Hand Soap for Washing your hands and keeping them clean.

Everyone loves when his or her hands get that fresh clean feel. After using hand soap, you lift your hands to your nose just to inhale that scent.

There are hand soaps made with different ingredients that are used by a variety of people. Some people require a softer soap for their dry skin, some soaps are made with products to kill bacteria, some are just to smell good, and some are all natural ingredients.

Best Hand Soaps

We round up some of the best liquid hand soaps on the market and which you should consider buying when refilling your soap dispenser.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Soap

This product is fantastic. It carries a honeysuckle scent that can enhance you hand washing experience. The hand soap is made with essential oils and natural plants. It is not tested on animals so it has no animal driven ingredients. A link at the end of the article has been added for you to take a look at the soap.

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Dr. Barbra’s Natural Solution Hand Soap

Another eccentric hand soap is available on amazon. This hand soap has a natural honey scent that is not overpowering. It has nutrients included into the ingredients such as Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, and Amino Acid that will help with skin repair. It has no artificial colors and is fully free of parabens. The best part of this product is not only the ingredients but you can but it in a pack of three.

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There are other scents that you can choose from as well as getting a six pack if you know you love this brand. The other scents include Blood Orange, Lavender, and Marula Oil. All of which as just as amazing as the honey scented hand soap. If you want to see more information for this hand soap, a link at the end of the article has been added for your convenience.

Earth Friendly Lemongrass Hand Soap

Earth Friendly products have been around and utilized for many years. However, their lemongrass hand soap is one of the best hand soaps in 2018. They clean and soften your hands all with natural ingredients that are non-drying. The ingredients include essential oils and additional natural eco-friendly ingredients to better serve cleaning your hands.

The Earth Friendly Lemongrass Hand Soap has never been tested on animals and is packaged with recyclable containers. This product is user friendly with the twist top and is easy to dispose of.

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You do not have to worry about your children using this product, as it is 100% natural. You will have the extra soap when you are in need and you will be happy with how clean you feel after each use. For more information on the Earth Friendly Lemongrass Hand Soap, a link has been provided at the end of the article for you to see for yourself what this product can do for you and your family.

Method Kitchen Hand Soap Gel

Method Kitchen created a hand soap that is made of gel. It gives you a clean wash that you will want to use over and over again. It has the ability to get rid of strong scents such as onions and fish.

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It is simple to use in the kitchen with its pump design, so if you have that fish all over you, simply use your wrist to push done to extract the gel. They made the soap with a thyme scent so it is not overpowering the kitchen when in use. This is a great product for those who need to clean their hands during kitchen use that is fast and efficient. A link at the end of this article has been provided for you to see for yourself how amazing this kitchen hand soap can be.

J.R. Watkins Lemon Liquid Hand Soap

Another incredible hand soap from J.R. Watkins has been created to service their customers. This is another well-known best hand soap of 2018. J.R. Watkins only makes high quality products that are made in the United States. All the ingredients are natural and it includes natural oils to liven up your skin with each use. The scent of lemon will stay on your hands for a longer period of time.

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The J.R. Watkins Lemon Hand Soap protects your hands from bacteria all while keeping them clean and fresh. This is a product that is loved by many, to see more information, take a look at the link added below for your ease and see a variety of review from customers that have bought and are continuously buying this hand soap.

The Dial Gold Hand Soap

This is one of the best liquid hand soaps in the market. The soap is cheap and therefore affordable to many low income consumers. The brand is also very effective and you will enjoy using it on a daily basis. The soap is big, affordable, and has a rich antimicrobial formula that helps to destroy harmful bacteria each time that you wash. It contains vitamin E that helps to keep your skin cells young. The soap also contains moisturizing ingredients which leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.

The seventh Generation Hand Soap

The soap is good and comes in a premium package of around eight 12-ounce hand soaps. The soap is unscented and its formula is safe to the skin, and does not harm the users as time goes by. The soap is fresh and hypoallergenic. It also lathers well while in water due to the fragrance-free plant-based formula that it contains. It is also free of chemicals such dyes, triclosan, and phthalates; it is also cruelty-free and has a USDA certified Biobased formula that helps to degrade easily thus lowering environmental pollution. The soap is important and very helpful to low income consumers since it is affordable and effective. It is also helpful since it can serve you for a very long time.

The Dr.Bronner’s Liquid Hand Soap

This is scientifically tested and certified organic liquid hand soap. The soap has an infused formula that is well blended with Rose and very useful in moisturizing the skin well each time you wash. The soap is smooth and luxurious. It does not contain detergents, preservatives and many other synthetic ingredients mostly found in badly blended hand soaps. The soap is USDA certified organic. It works well for both children and adults thus very helpful. The soap is also useful since it is long lasting and readily available in many stores.

The Ivory Liquid Hand Soap

The ivory liquid is a hand soap that is scientifically tested and certified organic soap. The soap is smooth and has a good foaming formula that removes dirty on wet, dry, and delicate skins. The soap is also of high quality and mostly found in 16-ounce pack. The soap is also affordable and does not contain chemicals that may irritate or dry the skin. The soap is very helpful since it can be used by both children and adults, it is also very affordable and at the same time very long lasting.

The Puracy Hand Soap

This hand soap is good since it lathers well and also safe to the skin. The soap does not contain harmful chemicals such as triclosan and SLS, but is strengthened by skin-soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. the soap is very helpful since it is easily attainable and very affordable to low income users.

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Sun and Earth Liquid Hand Soap

This soap is good for both personal and commercial use. It has light citrus scent which does not irritate the users. The soap comes in a 16-ounce container that has a well-designed pumping system that dispenses the correct amount of soap thus minimizing on wastage. The soap is also helpful since it is large, cheap and thus affordable to low income consumers.


It can be hard to find hand soap when you suffer from dry hands. Not having the proper hand soap can leave your hands more dry and in more discomfort than before you washed your hands. The good news is that there are many options now available from hand soap makers for dry skin. Doing a little research will get you the best soap for your dry skin while still providing the hand cleaning you need with choices of scents if you choose. We will look at some of the best rated hand soaps on the market for dry skin.

Millions of people everywhere have dry hands that causes their skin to crack, peel, chaff and itch. They do use lotion and other types of creams and ointments to help alleviate this condition. People with dry hands also use hand soaps that have special ingredients which help to combat this condition. Here is a description of the best hand soap for dry hands that is available on the market.

9 Best Soaps for Dry Hands

We have rounded up our 9 favourite hand soaps that are perfect for dry skin.

Seventh Generation Hand Wash

Seventh Generation Hand Wash is a friendly product for people with dry hand. The soap does not contain any type of dyes, phthalates, tricolsan or scents. This means that there are no added ingreidents that are going to make your hands turn into ash. Also, this soap has not been tested on animals which means that it is environmentally safe and does not cause any ingredients that will harm a person’s system. The soap comes in single or multiple packs and is highly recommended for individuals with dry skin.

Method Foaming Hand Wash

Most people experience dry hand sensation right after they are done washing them in water. Method Foaming Hand Wash helps to eliminate this problem. This particular soap product has ingredients that help to preserve a person’s skin. Method Foaming Hand Wash contains agents that rejuvenates the natural elasticity of a person’s hands. It also has moisturizing substances that helps to retain moisture on the upper skin layer.

Best Soap for Dry Hands

Dial Liquid Hand Soap With Moisturizer

Dial is a popular soap brand that has been around for a very long time. This company knows how to combat problems that deal with dry skin. Dial Liquid Hand Soap with Moisturizer has special substances that helps to keep a person’s skin plump and in good condition. Dial’s antibacterial formulas are great for killing germs as well. This antibacterial effect can help to eliminate microbes that are even responsible for dry skin.

Babyganics Foaming Hand Soap

Some dermatologists have tested the effectiveness of Babyganics Foaming Hand Soap and their conclusion has been positive. Babyganics does not contain agents that will dry out the skin. Sulfates, parabens and dyes are usually responsible for the drying effect that soaps often times produce. However, Babyganics just does not have these elements. As an added bonus the soap is non-allergenic and this simply means that it will not irritate a person’s skin or cause them to break out with a condition.

EO Hand Soap, French Lavender

Coconut is the special active ingredient in EO Hand Soap. The coconut cleansing formula is used a gentile antiseptic that gets rid of bacteria and other unwanted microbes on a person’s skin. This soap has a natural fragrance and it works well as a skin protectant. The soap also has an organic herbal mixture that comes complete with a skin soothing sensation. EO Hand Soap is a great product for keeping a person’s hands moist and well-oiled after washing.

Method Gel Hand Wash

The thing that makes Method Gel Hand Wash such a great product is that it is specifically designed for sensitive skin. The product is natural and it works great for helping to revitalize dead skin cells. The soap is biodegradable and all traces of triclosan has been removed from this product. Keep in mind that triclosan is an active ingredient in many products that eliminates many germs and bacteria. It’s a preserving agent.

While triclosan is great at keeping bacteria and germs at bay, it also has been known to cause adverse health effects. So, Method Gel and many other hand soap manufacturers try to keep this substance out of its products. By the way, in September 2016 the FDA banned this substance from being added into products. Method Gel is also a great moisturizing soap.

Michel Design Works Foaming Hand Soap

A foaming soap with a grapefruit scent. How original. This is the concept that Michel Designs Works Foaming Hand Soap uses for this product. Michel Design also contains shea butter and aloe Vera. If you know anything about these two particular ingredients they are specifically made to rejuvenate a person’s skin. Michel Design rejuvenates, invigorates and revitalizes damaged and dry skin.

Yardley London Hand Soap

Yardley London is a hand soap that has its origins in the U.K. The soap is shipped to the states from England and is popular hand washing agent that contains the fresh scent of English Lavender. It has a natural antiseptic property and provides a great conditioning agent. This soap will keep your skin soft, silky and fresh smelling.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap

Mrs. Meyers Hand Soaps have and will probably be among the best hand soap products in the business. This soap is a great product for helping a person to keep their skin free from dust, grime and other microbes. It has a paraben-free formula and it contains essential oils and herbs. Believe it or not they grind up parsley and add fruit oil to Mrs. Meyer’s formulas. This product is a favorite hand washing detergent for many people.

Best Soap for Dry Hands

There are many options for dry skin hand soap. There are common names that you have heard in the past as well as independent brands that may be new to you as they specialize in dry skin options. The soaps also vary greatly in price, from some inexpensive options to more costly choices. These soaps we will talk about are all available in stores and websites, not by prescription. If your dry skin is to the point of medical grade soap, that would need to come through your medical professional.

Jergens is a brand that is common for many households. In addition to the lotions they offer, they also produce a liquid hand soap that is extra moisturizing that claims to both clean and moisturiz hands. This soap claims to relieve dry skin by using a pH-balanced formula and contains soothing moisturizing ingredients. This soap does contain a scent, it will leave skin smelling like cherry almond. This option has quite a few high customer ratings and it on the less expensive end of the pricing of soaps.

Softsoap is another common soap name to many people. This brand offers a moisturizing hand soap that contains aloe. Similar to the Jergens soap, this one has quite a few positive customer reviews and is very low in pricing compared to many others. This particular soap has two different antibacterial cleaners, but also has emollients that protect skins natural moisture levels. Softsoap is a brand that can be found easily in a multitude of stores.

Dove also produces a hand soap meant for dry hands. This soap is slightly higher in price than the first two, but it still an affordable option. This soap is the called the Dove Cream Caring Hand Wash. It contains 1/4 moisturizing cream that claims to nourish hands while you wash them. It is safe to use everyday and leaves your hand soft and smooth. Dove also produces bar soap for dry skin if you are looking to go with a bar soap instead of a liquid soap. Both options work the same for dry skin, just depends on an individual preference of liquid soap versus bar soap.

If you are looking for a more natural soap choice for dry skin, a new product to the market is Puracy Natural Foaming Hand Soap. This option is more pricier than the others we have talked about, but it contains vegan moisturizers, is sulfate free, no harsh chemicals and was designed by a team of doctors. It claims to remove impurities, enhance hydration and washes completely away. The soap is scented with lavender and vanilla. This soap is also hypoallergenic, gluten free, biodegradable, never tested on animals and made in the USA.

Natralia is a dry skin wash that can be used on both the body and hands. This wash is actually soap free, mild and fragrance free all while being able to cleanse without irritating sensitive and dry skin. While using this product, it will not strip skin of essential moisturizing oils, so the skin stays smooth and soft after being cleansed. This is a great option if you have not only dry hands, but dry skin throughout your body as well. This wash can double as both your hand soap as well as your in shower cleanser for your entire body cleaning.

Another soap option that is much pricier, is the Pure Coconut Oil Soap made by Splendor. This option is designed for those with dry, irritated or itchy skin. It is made of all natural ingredients, including food grade coconut oil, aloe juice, cocoa butter, colloidal oats, chamomile and calendula. There are no scents, dyes or perfumes, but it does leave hands smelling naturally like chamomile. It creates a rich and creamy lather that is still anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antifungal.

Live Clean also makes a more natural soap desinged for dry skin, but is slightly less expensive compared to other natural options. It is made with coconut milk and apricot oil to hydrate skin while still gently cleansing the skin as well. This soap claims to be vegetarian and 98% plant based as well as free of parabens, sulfates and harmful chemicals. This soap is not tested on animals and is cruelty free.

Shikai makes a soap called Very Clean that is a good choice if you have dry hands but need to remove tough grease and dirt from your hands. This soap is designed to remove hard to get off grease and oil but is still mild. This soap will not dry out hands, even with frequent hand washes. This soap was formulated based on scientific studies and hold itself to the highest and most rigorous standards. This soap will not help treat dry skin like most of the others, but it is still a good choice if you have dirtier hands as this soap will not strip the moisture in your skin like most others made for tough hand cleaning.

There are many options for dry skin hand cleaning, all with their own set of pros and cons. It is important that when you are picking out the right soap for you, you are getting the one that meets your specific dry skin needs. No one with dry skin is alike, and no soap is alike. The right soap is out there for everyone, just spend a little research making sure the soap meets all of your needs before purchasing.