Simplehuman Compact Sensor Pump Review

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Simplehuman Compact Sensor Pump

I’m a big fan of the products from Simplehuman, they not only look great with a stylish modern design, they also function well too. The Simplehuman Compact Sensor Pump ticks all these boxes, it is a sleek touch free soap dispenser that comes in a few different colours and has a clear soap chamber to the rear.


The Simplehuman Compact Sensor Pump is a sleek design, from the front view it could be an expensive chrome tap, from the side you can see the soap chamber at the back, similar to the Nespresso coffee machines you can get. The design it self of the soap dispenser is very modern, it isn’t just a gadget, it is a stylish product and item you would want to have on display, if you have chrome fittings in your kitchen or bathroom then this will look great next to them.

In terms of use it couldn’t be easier, it is touch free, so place your palm under neath and soap is dispensed within 0.2 seconds, it is designed with a none drip valve so once the soap has been dispensed that it is it, there is no string of soap hanging down or a slow stop, it dispenses soap, and then that is it.

The clear chamber to the back allows you to see how much soap is left and when it will need filling again. The chamber will hold 237ml and has a wide filling funnel which makes it easy to refill.

From a design view it looks great, you can buy this in silver, black or white, with the front panel being the changed section in terms of colour, so you could have a stylish chrome version in your kitchen, and a white one in your bathroom, it depends on your room decor and style.


With the pump comes 4 AA batteries which are included, these drop in and last a long time, we have had it over a year and haven’t changed these batteries, so the pump itself really doesn’t use much energy. On the unit itself are controls which allow you to adjust how much soap is dispensed each time, so you can adjust this so that more of less is dispensed when you first use it, then it is all set. This is good as it can save you money on soap as you can reduce the amount used each time, while making sure you have enough to actually clean your hands.

The chamber at the back is large enough to hold 237ml of soap, you can also use your own soap or other detergents, you can use any liquid soap, hand sanitiser or lotion.

The no drip valve snaps shut once the soap has been dispensed, this prevents any drips of soap strings, this is great as there is no need to touch the pump, or having to wipe up and mess or soap that came out after.

If or when the batteries do run out, the device is still useable, or if you want more soap you can just hold down the + button and it will dispense soap for you, this is the manual way of doing it, so you can use the automatic and touch free method, or the manual way too.


The easy fill chamber makes it easy to add soap, you can use your own or perhaps pour in soap from another container bought from the supermarket, with the large wide opening it prevents any messy spills.

As mentioned before placing your palm underneath activates the sensor which will dispense soap within 0.2 seconds, it will dispense the amount you set it at and then the snap close valve prevents any drips. This easy function is well designed and works extremely well.

Why buy?

If you are looking for a touch free automatic soap dispenser then you cannot beat this, I can’t recommend it enough.  The look and design of it is fantastic, the different colour options make it suitable for different room decor and styles, it also looks expensive, if you have a modern sleek kitchen, then this device next to your tap certainly won’t look out of place.

The Simplehuman Compact Sensor Pump is perfect for any kitchen, bathroom or workplace, it looks great and functions perfectly, it is well designed and works very well, it doesn’t just look very slick, it also works very well too. If you want a touch free soap dispenser then you can’t go wrong with this one at all. A great device, at a good price, perfect for any kitchen or bathroom.

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