Red Kitchen Accessories

As well all know,when it comes to decorating we all have different taste and styles. Some people like to decorate based on their favorite colors and others may use different themes. Some people enlist the help of interior decorators, while others involve their family members.

Personally, I chose to use the color red in my kitchen. I chose to use this particular color because it is unique in my book. It would would make my kitchen nice and bright since I’m used to dull colors. I felt the color would make me feel more upbeat and happy. There are many things that can be bought in the color red. They range from aprons to oven mitts to cookware. From napkin holders to cutting boards. From floor mats and dishcloths to drying racks. From clocks and microwaves to toaster ovens. These colored appliances can be found at Walmart, Kmart, and or Target.

There are a few colors that I’ve found to go pretty good with red and they are black, white. The table in my kitchen and my refrigerator are black. My floor, counters, and cabinets are white. My cookware (pots and pans and utensils included) are red. I even chose to accent my kitchen with red cooking mitts and red curtains. I thought about incorporating small decals on my wall with red accents, but overall I chose not to do it. The amount of red in my kitchen mixed with the black and white gives my kitchen life. I love being in there just because it gives me a feeling of love. I also have black chairs with red cushions. My flatware is silver and I also have Tupperware and red canisters. I chose different shades of red because I felt it would make my kitchen more intricate.

My cooking utensils are more on the darker side of red, while my pots are more on the bright side. Overall, I believe my choice to use the color red in my kitchen was a good one because as I go around or keep shopping, I’m always seeing, spotting, finding and buying more red things. The last accessories I bought that were red was a new set of place mats and dish clothes. I have the cloths hanging on my wall as decoration.

Who in the world, would have thought I would have turned my kitchen into what I call the red stop? I’n a sense I’m glad I did because it represents something that makes me feel better about myself and it makes me feel as though love is always around me, even when it is not. Lat but not least, I think I will start looking for some more magnets with red in them to help lighten the refrigerator because I’m starting to get tired of looking at an all black appliance. Even if I don’t know where to start, I do know how to do research to find what I want and need.