Which Hand Dryer should I buy?

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With all of the exciting advancements in technology today, people are enjoying all kinds of nice benefits and enhancements in their homes and business facilities. From using some of the latest inventions in both small and large appliances throughout the kitchen to taking advantage of a wide variety of features on a mobile phone, the opportunities appear to be endless in virtually every sector of society. While some inventions have a very visible impact on life and what people do, others are more subtle but still appreciated for its contribution. One of which most people may not think about, however, are used on a regular basis, and it is the hand dryer that people use in numerous common areas including bathroom facilities and kitchen areas.

With this being said, when an individual has a need for a hand dryer, they should do their homework first so that they will know what is available on the market and how to make the best decision possible with the finances allotted. Since the cost of these devices can vary greatly from one model and manufacturer to another, here’s a few basic tips that can be used to make a good decision and examples of the top buys in the industry.

Tip #1 – Find out which hand dryer should I buy?

When shopping around online and in retail stores, one of the first things that the person should consider is the types of hand dryers that’s now available. For instance, there are several different types that can be reviewed for their practicality, overall effectiveness and they include the stainless steel units, wall mounted units, automatic units, and in the like. Since almost every public and private building has them, they can be seen in restaurants, retail stores, malls, offices and even in many of the luxury homes. Therefore, the type of hand dryer selected can vary greatly based on the facility that is being considered. For example, some models are manual so they require someone to push a button for them to operate, while others are automatic and have been designed to turn on when the hands have been detected. So, people who make these purchases can make their choice based on their preferences and needs.

Tip #2 – Cost and Affordability

Many times the individual that makes these purchases must factor in several different things in order to make the best decision. One of the most important is the price tag attached to each item. Typically, the same is true when a business owner or homeowner is making their decision to buy a hand dryer, especially if they are having to furnish a large facility with its needs. For instance, if the property owner of a business is looking to supply a large building with 20 or more of these devices, they may choose to purchase the manual model so that they can reduce the cost substantially. On the other hand, if a business owner will only need 2 to 3 hand dryers only , they may decide to buy the automatic models so that they can enhance the looks of the area and provide an easier way for everyone to dry their hands. Regardless to the type selected, business owner just want to save money.

Tip #3 – Efficiency

Another factor to consider when making this type of purchase is its overall efficiency. Since people are now focused on going green, the cost and contribution to saving energy are significant factors. Therefore, when the business owner makes their choice, they may decide to choose the automatic hand dryers that can be programmed to shut off within a certain amount of minutes. By using this kind of device, the business owner can save on the electricity being used since it controls the amount of time that the person can dry their hands without experiencing long periods of time.

Tip #4 – Review the Best Hand Dryers Online to See Which ones will meet the specifications required

OION Technologies Industrial Stainless Steel

A High Speed Automatic Hand Dryer DR-3000HD 1800 Wattsby O-IonHand dryer received 4.1 out of 5 starsSale: $127.95Powerful, High Speed 1800 Watts Drying power that dries an individual’s hands in 10-12 secondsLow energy consumption for you and the environment.Low Maintenance and Vandal ProofNoise Reduction Nozzle — Commercial grade stainless steel

Consumer Feedback – This hand dryer is great for restaurants and office buildings. It exceeds customer expectations because delivers a lot of power that drys the hands very quickly. It is highly recommended for its performance, cost and its efficiency,

Palmer Fixture HD0901-11 Conventional Series

A Commercial Hand Dryer, Brushed ChromeHand dryer received 4.8 out of 5 starsPrice: $219.95
Color Brushed ChromeItem Weight 16 poundsMounting Type Surface MountedOperating Time 30 seconds

Customer Feedback: Consumers are pleased with the overall attractiveness and performance of this model since it is excellent for being used in office buildings. It works with a hand sensor design and has a strong blower that dries the hands within seconds. Most business owners because they love the fact that it is easy to install. Great for a place that has a lot of traffic flowing through. Good buy for the price that is being paid.

Palmer Fixture HD0903-17 Hand Dryer

A Commercial High Grade Fire Retardant ABS, White3.7 out of 5 starsList Price: $196.18
Color WhiteCompatible Material plasticItem Depth 7-inchesManufacturer Series Number HDMaterial Type plasticMounting Type Surface MountedOperating Time 30 secondsVoltage 110 VoltsWattage 1800 Watts

Customer Feedback: The feedback on this product is also great since it takes in a considerable amount of things and information. With this product, users gave both pros and cons. One of the pros being the cost of being very affordable and it does the job very well. However, some consumers have reported having problems with the sensor since it can work sporadically instead of on a continual basis. Therefore, this part of the problem can be very frustrating when the person does not have a lot of time. It has received a relatively good review because people like the product provided for the cost that is being paid.

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