Best Soap for Dry Hands

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It can be hard to find hand soap when you suffer from dry hands. Not having the proper hand soap can leave your hands more dry and in more discomfort than before you washed your hands. The good news is that there are many options now available from hand soap makers for dry skin. Doing a little research will get you the best soap for your dry skin while still providing the hand cleaning you need with choices of scents if you choose. We will look at some of the best rated hand soaps on the market for dry skin.

Best Soap for Dry Hands

There are many options for dry skin hand soap. There are common names that you have heard in the past as well as independent brands that may be new to you as they specialize in dry skin options. The soaps also vary greatly in price, from some inexpensive options to more costly choices. These soaps we will talk about are all available in stores and websites, not by prescription. If your dry skin is to the point of medical grade soap, that would need to come through your medical professional.

Jergens is a brand that is common for many households. In addition to the lotions they offer, they also produce a liquid hand soap that is extra moisturizing that claims to both clean and moisturiz hands. This soap claims to relieve dry skin by using a pH-balanced formula and contains soothing moisturizing ingredients. This soap does contain a scent, it will leave skin smelling like cherry almond. This option has quite a few high customer ratings and it on the less expensive end of the pricing of soaps.

Softsoap is another common soap name to many people. This brand offers a moisturizing hand soap that contains aloe. Similar to the Jergens soap, this one has quite a few positive customer reviews and is very low in pricing compared to many others. This particular soap has two different antibacterial cleaners, but also has emollients that protect skins natural moisture levels. Softsoap is a brand that can be found easily in a multitude of stores.

Dove also produces a hand soap meant for dry hands. This soap is slightly higher in price than the first two, but it still an affordable option. This soap is the called the Dove Cream Caring Hand Wash. It contains 1/4 moisturizing cream that claims to nourish hands while you wash them. It is safe to use everyday and leaves your hand soft and smooth. Dove also produces bar soap for dry skin if you are looking to go with a bar soap instead of a liquid soap. Both options work the same for dry skin, just depends on an individual preference of liquid soap versus bar soap.

If you are looking for a more natural soap choice for dry skin, a new product to the market is Puracy Natural Foaming Hand Soap. This option is more pricier than the others we have talked about, but it contains vegan moisturizers, is sulfate free, no harsh chemicals and was designed by a team of doctors. It claims to remove impurities, enhance hydration and washes completely away. The soap is scented with lavender and vanilla. This soap is also hypoallergenic, gluten free, biodegradable, never tested on animals and made in the USA.

Natralia is a dry skin wash that can be used on both the body and hands. This wash is actually soap free, mild and fragrance free all while being able to cleanse without irritating sensitive and dry skin. While using this product, it will not strip skin of essential moisturizing oils, so the skin stays smooth and soft after being cleansed. This is a great option if you have not only dry hands, but dry skin throughout your body as well. This wash can double as both your hand soap as well as your in shower cleanser for your entire body cleaning.

Another soap option that is much pricier, is the Pure Coconut Oil Soap made by Splendor. This option is designed for those with dry, irritated or itchy skin. It is made of all natural ingredients, including food grade coconut oil, aloe juice, cocoa butter, colloidal oats, chamomile and calendula. There are no scents, dyes or perfumes, but it does leave hands smelling naturally like chamomile. It creates a rich and creamy lather that is still anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antifungal.

Live Clean also makes a more natural soap desinged for dry skin, but is slightly less expensive compared to other natural options. It is made with coconut milk and apricot oil to hydrate skin while still gently cleansing the skin as well. This soap claims to be vegetarian and 98% plant based as well as free of parabens, sulfates and harmful chemicals. This soap is not tested on animals and is cruelty free.

Shikai makes a soap called Very Clean that is a good choice if you have dry hands but need to remove tough grease and dirt from your hands. This soap is designed to remove hard to get off grease and oil but is still mild. This soap will not dry out hands, even with frequent hand washes. This soap was formulated based on scientific studies and hold itself to the highest and most rigorous standards. This soap will not help treat dry skin like most of the others, but it is still a good choice if you have dirtier hands as this soap will not strip the moisture in your skin like most others made for tough hand cleaning.

There are many options for dry skin hand cleaning, all with their own set of pros and cons. It is important that when you are picking out the right soap for you, you are getting the one that meets your specific dry skin needs. No one with dry skin is alike, and no soap is alike. The right soap is out there for everyone, just spend a little research making sure the soap meets all of your needs before purchasing.