The Best Soap for Dry Hands

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Millions of people everywhere have dry hands that causes their skin to crack, peel, chaff and itch. They do use lotion and other types of creams and ointments to help alleviate this condition. People with dry hands also use hand soaps that have special ingredients which help to combat this condition. Here is a description of the best hand soap for dry hands that is available on the market.

9 Best Soaps for Dry Hands

We have rounded up our 9 favourite hand soaps that are perfect for dry skin.

Seventh Generation Hand Wash

Seventh Generation Hand Wash is a friendly product for people with dry hand. The soap does not contain any type of dyes, phthalates, tricolsan or scents. This means that there are no added ingreidents that are going to make your hands turn into ash. Also, this soap has not been tested on animals which means that it is environmentally safe and does not cause any ingredients that will harm a person’s system. The soap comes in single or multiple packs and is highly recommended for individuals with dry skin.

Method Foaming Hand Wash

Most people experience dry hand sensation right after they are done washing them in water. Method Foaming Hand Wash helps to eliminate this problem. This particular soap product has ingredients that help to preserve a person’s skin. Method Foaming Hand Wash contains agents that rejuvenates the natural elasticity of a person’s hands. It also has moisturizing substances that helps to retain moisture on the upper skin layer.

Best Soap for Dry Hands

Dial Liquid Hand Soap With Moisturizer

Dial is a popular soap brand that has been around for a very long time. This company knows how to combat problems that deal with dry skin. Dial Liquid Hand Soap with Moisturizer has special substances that helps to keep a person’s skin plump and in good condition. Dial’s antibacterial formulas are great for killing germs as well. This antibacterial effect can help to eliminate microbes that are even responsible for dry skin.

Babyganics Foaming Hand Soap

Some dermatologists have tested the effectiveness of Babyganics Foaming Hand Soap and their conclusion has been positive. Babyganics does not contain agents that will dry out the skin. Sulfates, parabens and dyes are usually responsible for the drying effect that soaps often times produce. However, Babyganics just does not have these elements. As an added bonus the soap is non-allergenic and this simply means that it will not irritate a person’s skin or cause them to break out with a condition.

EO Hand Soap, French Lavender

Coconut is the special active ingredient in EO Hand Soap. The coconut cleansing formula is used a gentile antiseptic that gets rid of bacteria and other unwanted microbes on a person’s skin. This soap has a natural fragrance and it works well as a skin protectant. The soap also has an organic herbal mixture that comes complete with a skin soothing sensation. EO Hand Soap is a great product for keeping a person’s hands moist and well-oiled after washing.

Method Gel Hand Wash

The thing that makes Method Gel Hand Wash such a great product is that it is specifically designed for sensitive skin. The product is natural and it works great for helping to revitalize dead skin cells. The soap is biodegradable and all traces of triclosan has been removed from this product. Keep in mind that triclosan is an active ingredient in many products that eliminates many germs and bacteria. It’s a preserving agent.

While triclosan is great at keeping bacteria and germs at bay, it also has been known to cause adverse health effects. So, Method Gel and many other hand soap manufacturers try to keep this substance out of its products. By the way, in September 2016 the FDA banned this substance from being added into products. Method Gel is also a great moisturizing soap.

Michel Design Works Foaming Hand Soap

A foaming soap with a grapefruit scent. How original. This is the concept that Michel Designs Works Foaming Hand Soap uses for this product. Michel Design also contains shea butter and aloe Vera. If you know anything about these two particular ingredients they are specifically made to rejuvenate a person’s skin. Michel Design rejuvenates, invigorates and revitalizes damaged and dry skin.

Yardley London Hand Soap

Yardley London is a hand soap that has its origins in the U.K. The soap is shipped to the states from England and is popular hand washing agent that contains the fresh scent of English Lavender. It has a natural antiseptic property and provides a great conditioning agent. This soap will keep your skin soft, silky and fresh smelling.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap

Mrs. Meyers Hand Soaps have and will probably be among the best hand soap products in the business. This soap is a great product for helping a person to keep their skin free from dust, grime and other microbes. It has a paraben-free formula and it contains essential oils and herbs. Believe it or not they grind up parsley and add fruit oil to Mrs. Meyer’s formulas. This product is a favorite hand washing detergent for many people.

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