Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden Indoor

A project that began on the funding website kickstarter where an idea was born, a herb garden that takes care of itself all year round and the owner sums up in three words, smart, simple and carefree.

The Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden is a compact indoor herb set which will hold and grow up to 3 different plants, it will hold water which you top up very occasionally, and then the gadget does the rest. There is a small LED grow light that keeps the plants growing all year round, the water tank ensure that water is drip fed to the plants when needed and there is a light that will let you know when the tank needs refilling. The plants will actually grow faster while using less water too.

Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden Indoor white

The plants use and grow in special soil that will make sure the plant gets enough oxygen and nutrients at all times. You can buy different cartridges that comes with everything you need for different herbs you wish to grow, such as Basil, Thyme, and Lemon Balm Cartridges, these comes in a little pot, are seeded and use the special soil mentioned. 

This is great for house, flat and apartments that get little light in their kitchen, or for people that want to grow herbs but just haven’t got the green fingers to keep them alive. The Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden is perfect for all kitchen and a great gift too.