Fish Tank & Herb Garden in One

This beautifully designed and relaxing fish tank will look perfect in any kitchen allowing you to grow fresh herbs and bring a relaxing touch to your kitchen while cooking.

Back to the Roots Water Garden and Fish Tank

The Back to the Roots Water Garden and Fish Tank creates a lovely relaxing home for a small Betta fish, above the tank is a cover which will house and grow 6 small hard plants. This 3-gallon fish tank has a self-cleaning ecosystem. With the tank comes a small pump which allows the water and fish waste to feed and grow the plants, and on the flip side the plants helps keep the water clean and clear.

This project all began on Kickstarter where it has now become a product for us to buy and enjoy. It is great for a small pet fish and growing fresh, organic herbs, perfect for kids and getting them involved with cooking and growing herbs, as well as giving them a little pet too.


Designed and manufactured in the USA, the Water Garden includes:

  • Fish tank and gravel
  • Organic seeds and grow stones
  • Natural fertilizer
  • Coupon for a Betta fish
  • Fish food
  • Silent, submersible water pump

You get everything you need, all you need to do is fill it up and pop out and get a little fish for the tank, they even include a discount coupon for a Betta fish too!

See it come to life in this short 10 Day Timelapse video.

The pump is very quiet and the plants don’t need to be in the sunlight all days, as long as the room get some sunlight throughout the day the plants will be fine, there is no need to have it on the window sill in direct sun.

This is a great design and well made, it comes with everything you need and is great for helping kids learn and understand the little eco system within, it gives them a little pet and also helps to get them involved in the cooking as the herbs grow. With the clever eco system there is little to do to maintain, no need to worry about watering the plants or giving them food, and everything you need comes in the box, you just need to pop out to buy the fish!