5 Crazy Kitchen Gadgets

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There are a lot of crazy gadgets out there, some are completely pointless, some are perfect for that one time every year and some are just amusing. Here are 5 crazy kitchen gadgets that have caught our eye, you never know there maybe one that you need in your life!

1. The Selfie Toaster


Thats right, the slide toaster, I’m sure you know someone that is selfie obsessed, well they would love this, it regular toaster that allows you to print your own selfie shot on your toast.  The Selfie Toaster by Burnt, comes with one coupon which is redeemable for one custom insert, you can buy as many as you want extra from their website after purchase.

2. The Hutzler 571 Banana slicer


If you love banana on your cereal in the morning and want to have a few extra moments in bed then the The Hutzler 571 Banana slicer could well be the gadget you have been looking for.  Whatever size banana bending left or right this cutter will slice through it making equally measured slices perfect for your breakfast. Dishwasher and child safe what more could you want!

3. Musical Cake Slicer


No more awkward moments trying to get the family to sing along on someones birthday, the musical cake slicer comes in different colors, and plays popular tunes, like Happy birthday, The wedding march, He’s a jolly good fellow and Jingle Bells all at the touch of a button. A fun gadget that will have you and the family all singing along, even if it is through gritted teeth!

4. The Fridge Bottle Loft


There never seems to be enough space in the fridge for your beers, and when there is there is always someone saying they are in the way! Well with the fridge bottle loft you can create a little more room and ease within the fridge, powered by 6 bullet magnets  it attaches to the roof of your refrigerator where it can hang 6 beers for you allowing you space to place containers and food underneath while still having easy access to the important bottles.

5. Jumbo Elephant Sink Drainer


Anything that helps get the kids helping with the washing up has got to be a winner, this handy sink side elephant will help drain your utensils & cutlery after washing up, its trunk hangs over into the basin allowing the water to drain out into the sink. It has a stylish design is a fun and quirky gadget and makes a great gift. It measures 16 x 10x 11.7 cm so really doesn’t take up much space.

What is your favourite? What is the craziest kitchen gadget you have seen?