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It can be annoying to move back and forth between your trash can and the counter. However, with Simplehuman Sensor Can gone are those days of endlessly moving back and forth to open up your trash can to throw the rubbish. This revolutionary technological invention is reckoned to be a bit more special than the average rubbish can as it can automatically sense your movement and open up immediately from any angle with only a wave of your hand. In this way you are freed from the hassle of opening the trash can manually with the help of foot pedals or latches thus making your clean-up way too easy.


Not only does this high-tech gadget presents you with an easier and smarter option to throw your trash but the design of the product is also aesthetically pleasing so it will definitely make your kitchen stand out. The hardware is pretty big, eye-catching and squared off. The brush steel sensor can easily stand over about 25-inches high, and once the lid is opened it extends to over 35 inches. The best part about simplehuman Sensor Can is its robustness, which makes it a durable product thus contributing to improved user experience. Simplehuman is made up of a die-cast steel hinge which has been integrated into the can’s body. This means that you can easily push up the sensor can against the wall, yet would not have any problems while fully opening it up.


When it comes to the functionality and usage of this product I would say that it is indeed exceptional. Firstly, you don’t have to mess with any foot pedal as the lid is motorised and runs on six C-size batteries and is triggered by a proximity sensor on the front edge. The battery size means that it will stay good for a year at least, and alternatively you also have an AC adapter to charge the sensor can, in case it runs out on its battery. I would say that the sensor is also pretty diligent as it becomes picky when it comes to responsiveness, so as to avoid any accidental openings. But the only back drop is that once the lid is opened the simplehuman Sensor Can takes its time to close, assuming that you have to throw away the stuff.

If you keep on moving for more than three seconds then the lid will remain opened on the assumption that you are likely to do some more chores. This means that you have to wait for the sensor to close down automatically or have to push the lid down.
While talking about the performance and design I would like to highlight that like other high-tech trash cans simplehuman Trash Can also has a tough plastic inner-bucket together with a bag tuck section so that you can easily tidy away any excess plastic from the liner. And yes this trashcan also has an odour absorber that is integrated into the lid. These charcoal filters can swiftly deal with any smelly food or foul smelling diapers thus making it an effective product.


All in all I would say that the price of simplehuman Trash Can is slightly over the top almost 200 dollars that is way too expensive for a trash can. But you would likely find other luxurious non-motorised trash cans to be of similarly high prices. Therefore, it is recommended to buy this product for ease as well as to make a delightful addition to your home.

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