I was too confused about what to eat during the whole day that could help me maintain a nutritional balance in this fast paced working schedule. Then I heard about Prep Pad. I am really pleased to see this product that is able to address some of my diet concerns. Now I can easily know about the nutrition I get from the intake of each meal.

Previously I was using simple nutritional information which is provided on the packaging of each food product. However, that information used to be inaccurate most of the time. But with Prep Pad accurate dietary information related to calories, carbs, fats and protein of each food item can be easily obtained and measured. It also allows you to maintain a nutritional information sheet for your own homemade recipes.

I really appreciate the accuracy of nutritional information which is clear to understand the calorie count of each food item. It can also be used with your iPad as it has a user friendly interface. As I have always had trouble using measuring instruments for food items as vegetable and fruits do vary in shapes and sizes, so I never felt comfortable doing it with measuring cups.
Therefore, Prep Pad is godsend for me as it is so easy to use that it seems housewives would enjoy keeping a track of their caloric intake while spending time on cooking different recipes for their family. This may be useful for selecting meals and snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So the meals can be adjusted according to your own desire.

It also provides sleeves that can be used to protect and mobile gadgets while cooking in the kitchen.

The feature which enables a user to add a picture while he is having his meal is quite interesting. I have never come across a food tool of this nature before. It also uses an aluminium frame which has a paper like surface which can be conveniently wiped with a piece of cloth.

People who are weight conscious can benefit from this product as it can be used to lose, gain, or maintain your weight. I would say that it’s really something worth paying for.

I suspect, once people start using Prep Pad they might come to know that how much nutritional value they have been consuming over the years. So, they will learn how they can improve their health and lifestyle when required.

I would like to recommend Prep Pad to anybody who wants to eat nutritious food, analyse nutritional information concerning their own recipes, or all those who are just concerned with food trends and discovering facts about it.