Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener Review

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If you love your wine and you love your gadgets then the Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener is for you. A cordless, simple and elegant bottle opener without the faff. No need to battle away with your wine bottle trying to get the cork out, the Electric Wine Bottle Opener makes easy work of it.


The bottle opener is a stylish sleek design, in silver looking almost like a stylish pepper mill on your worktop. There is a smart black docking station where it can be placed when not in use and charged, just like you would with an electric toothbrush. It comes with a 2nd generation battery which will open up to 40 wine bottles on a single charge, which it pretty good and more than enough as I’m sure when not in use it will be back in the docking station. This is also good though if you are thinking of using it in a restaurant and it will be out in use for most the evening.

The is very light and has a good grip for using, it also comes with a foil cutter too for the wine wrapper.


In terms of ease of use, well you just take it from its docking station when it has some charge, place it on the bottle and press a button and it does its magic. Easy! You do have to remove the foil first yourself and there is a cutter that comes with this to do that. That little gadget itself is easy to use and works well.

When charged it shall open 40 bottles of wine which is great, it looks great and makes it easy to open aged bottles of wine.

Watch this video below to see it in action:


The perfect lazy mans wine bottle opener, and you can’t beat it. A stylish looking gadget and great talking point and bit of entertainment when hosting a dinner party, and with everyone wanting a go shall surely help keep the wine flowing. This is a perfect gift, and a great gadget to have in your kitchen if you are a wine lover.