Nespresso Inissia Coffee Capsule Machine Review

If you like a nice cup of coffee in the morning then this little yet powerful coffee machine is worth considering.

By Kitchen Gadget Box

If you like a nice cup of coffee in the morning then this little yet powerful coffee machine is worth considering.

The Nespresso Inissia is a small compact design which also includes a aerocinno milk frother, which on its own is worth around £50, so this is a great little bundle as it includes 2 devices.


The Nespresso Inissia Capsule Coffee Machine is a compact yet stylish device, its slim and small size means that is doesn’t take up too much work top space. It is a smart and robust design that will looks sleek and modern in any kitchen. It is simple and easy to use and the sleek shape of the coffee machine makes it easy to wipe down and keep clean.

The water tank is on the back of the machine and isn’t easily viewable, this is nice from a aesthetics point of view but it is worth getting into the habit of checking the water level to ensure there is enough in there for your next coffee.

Setting Up

The coffee machine itself is quick and easy to set up, it has a water tank on the back that easily clips off, has a flip lit on the top for easy filling. At the front there is a small tray which you place your mug on, it is also a drip tray incase you spill any, this tray can also be folded up for larger mugs too. It must be said though that this machine is designed for small cups of coffee, 25, 40 or 110ml.

Our Rating

On top of the device are two buttons, one for an espresso and one for lungo depending what you want. This machine uses small Nespresso pods which drop into the machine, there is a big handle that when pulled up allows you to place the pod inside, if there is already one in there this drops into a handy storage container underneath that can be pulled out and emptied. This can hold 6-8 empty pods.

Once the pod has been placed in pull the leaver down and you are ready to go, just press one of the two buttons and machine will begin, heating the water and pouring it into your glass through the chosen coffee pod you have placed in. It is really the simple.

The Aerocinno3 Milk Frother

That is the coffee machine, there is also the aerocinno milk frother that comes with this, this is a separate device and can be operated on its own and perfect for hot chocolates. Pour milk into the container and press the button on the front and off it goes. The milk will whiz round and heat up in about 2 minutes. It also comes with a small spring device that can be placed at the bottom which will give you frothy warm milk if you prefer too.

What’s included?

1 x Nespresso inissia by KRUPS Coffee Capsule Machine
1 x Aeroccino3
1 x Nespresso Grand Cru capsule tasting gift
1 x Welcome Folder
1 x Quick Start Guide


This is a great coffee machine and very well built, so easy to use you don’t even need to read the instructions. It makes great tasting coffee very quickly and easily. If you like your coffee then this is a great coffee machine to have and at around £100 for a coffee machine and aerocinno it is fantastic value.