Motion Detecting Hands Free 80 Litre Waste Bin

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Gadgets and waste bins? Really? Well how about a waste bin that will open and close for you without having to touch it. This Motion Detecting Hands Free Waste Bin is 80 litres in capacity, so it pretty huge really, it is finger print resistant and comes in a sleek brushed stainless steel finish.

316DYtIzmfLThis large bin looks great and stylish and works using sensors when near the bin it will open up, and then a few seconds later close. This is great as you never need to touch the lid with your sticky hands after chopping up food or washing up and cleaning plates.

The dimensions of this bin are 87.4 x 38.6 x 38 cm. It runs off 8 AA batteries, which is quite a lot of just a plastic lid to open and close but they do last many months with everyday use. There is also a way to easily open the lid manually too so there is no need to worry if the batteries do run out.

The large capacity of this bin makes it great meaning you are not emptying it every day, it works great and looks great, ideal for all kitchens and households helping to keep the spread of germs and dirt down. If you are looking for a new stylish rubbish bin for your kitchen then we certainly recommend this one.


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