Turn Your Boiled Eggs into Sports Balls for Kids

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Sports Huevos Egg Shapers

The Sports Huevos Egg Shapers is available in three different designs, a golf ball, a soccer ball/football, and a tennis ball. Each egg is shaped into a perfectly round ball and has the matching lines and indentation to make it look very realistic. The golf ball egg has all the little dots on it, the football has leather patch lines on it, and the tennis ball egg has the distinctive sweeping line curved over it.

To turn your boiled egg into a fun sports egg just hard boil and egg as you normally would, once done remove the shell from the egg and place straight into the shaper, close this and place into cold water and leave for a few minutes. It is important to take the egg from the boiling water, remove the shall and put into the cold water in the shaper so that it can easily set into its new shape.

Once it has cooled you can remove the egg from the shaper and dish up for dinner or put into the kids lunchbox for school.

Sports Huevos Egg Shapers

Whichever sports ball you got for they all measure the same size, 6.8 x 7.4 x 5.2cm, all ideal for medium sized eggs to be used. Ideal for kids dinners and school lunch boxes to help your child eat a healthy balanced diet.