The Ultimate Kitchen Utensil & Tool List

If you have been searching for the ultimate kitchen utensil list and your search has been leading to no avail, then search no more. In this article, we are reviewing the ultimate kitchen utensil list.

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If you have been searching for the ultimate kitchen utensil list and your search has been leading to no avail, then search no more. In this article, we are reviewing the ultimate kitchen utensil list.

Without the various types of kitchen utensils, cooking wouldn’t be possible or so easy. Kitchen utensils are of various types and each has its own specific task to accomplish when preparing meals.

When it comes to your kitchen it is not all about fancy kitchen gadgets, sometimes you need to go back to basics. This best ultimate kitchen utensil list contains all kitchen utensils which will help you make that delicious pizza, mash your potatoes, mix and cook food efficiently and hassle free, measure your food if it is for a restaurant among many other features.

Must Own Kitchen Cooking Utensils

The major and most useful kitchen utensils are the cutlery which comprises the knives, spoons and forks, bowls and cups, the colander, the chopping boards, the whisks among others.


You really do need some very good knives for your kitchen. You should have a large serrated knife, a nine or ten inch chef knife that is sometimes also called a butcher knife and a pear knife. Also youreally should have some great steak knives, for when you want to cut meat to check it to see if it is done, such as steak. Of course for turkey and a large roast you should have a carving knife. Each specific type serves its own purpose efficiently, the different types of knives include:

Kitchen Utensil List- Knives

Chef’s knife
A must ultimate kitchen utensil. It is one of the most versatile kitchen utensil as it allows you to chop, slice pizza, mince among many more uses. Make sure you acquire one that is made from stainless steel as it won’t rust hence increasing its kitchen life. Always make sure it is sharp for easy slicing of your pizza. It serves many uses such as chopping of foods, slicing carving and also crashing food into small particles. This is therefore a very common type of knife in the kitchen. The basic measurement of the knife is usually 25cm but also nowadays, there comes other smaller versions that are equally very good. The basic features of the knife would be their long sharp and curved blades.

The unique feature of this knife is its blade that is usually very heavy and also the edge which is usually set on a very wide angle. They are usually one of the most expensive knives to buy and they are commonly used to cut meat through bones.

They therefore function like an axe and are a better option to cooks than the axes. There are very many different types of the cleaver knife with a common type being the Chinese cleaver. These are however unique because of their large bread area and they are normally used for chopping and slicing.

The boning knife
The knife has a very unique and pointed blade which measures approximately 12cm, with a blade and tip that is usually very sharp. Their flexibility and also angle varies depending on the choice of the customer. This knife usually finds its use when cutting meat from bones especially in the butcheries.

Other types of knives that are equally very important in the kitchen include the paring knife, the turning knife, pallet knife which is usually not meant for cutting, the carving knife, ham slicer, serrated slicer which is normally used for cutting bread and many more others.


When it comes to the kitchen whisks, which are equally very important, there are many types. They are very useful when cooking, baking and decorating the cake. They are made from different materials such as the wooden whisks, silicone coated and the metallic whisks.


The balloon whisk
It is the most common type and is used to mix eggs, creating the meringues and also for mixing of the dry ingredients. Joseph Joseph do a fantastic 2-in-1 Silicone 11.5-Inch Balloon and Flat Whisk which you can see in the picture above.

The French whisks
It serves almost the same purpose as the balloon whisk and is more suited for mixing of even thicker sauces and custard type mixtures.

The flat whisk
It is a type of the French whisk that is flattened. It is commonly used to make the different types of pan sauces and also for making a roux.

The spiral whisk
They usually have a very unique shape from the rest with rounded edges at the top. They are very suited to make different types of sauces such as the mother sauces to the pan sauces. They are also used for making vinaigrettes, among many more other common uses.

The ball whisk
It usually looks like a retro lighting fixture. Its use is for whipping egg whites so as to come up with the best meringues.

Other types of whisks include the coil whisks, cage whisks, whisk attachment and many more others.


Spoons are also very important kitchen utensils that come in very many different types. Measuring is one skill we constantly use in the kitchen from determining the right amount of salt to add to our food to the right amount of sugar to add to our coffee to determining the right amount of spices to add to our food. All these uses need an exquisite ultimate kitchen utensil. TheThe common types are


The table spoon
They are mostly used for taking meals especially soups, rice, minestrone among other dishes

Measuring Spoons
Did Mary Poppins mean a tablespoon or a teaspoon of sugar? Either way, it is a must for any kitchen, restaurant or hotel to have excellent measuring utensils especially if you are following a recipe or just portioning out sizes for serving. Make the measuring spoon are durable it doesn’t matter if they are made of wood or stainless steel but make sure they are durable.

The fruit spoon
Their size is usually smaller and are used to take fruit dishes such as appetizers.

Serving spoon
They are usually of a very large size and their main function is to serve dishes on the table. Make sure you acquire a slotted spoon for lifting large pieces out of a liquid like potatoes from a stew and a non-slotted one for spooning sauce over any food and also a ladle to serve soups.

There are very many other types of spoons such as the rice server, the olive spoon, cream spoon, salad spoon, cheese spoon, sugar spoon and many more others.

Spatulas and turners

A must for cooking, stirring ingredients in pans, baking and needed for flipping fish, burgers or meat in pans when needed. If you are looking for a stylish set for your work top then take a look at the Elevate Kitchen Utensil Set with Storage Carousel, a 6-piece set that has everything you need.


Acquire an exquisite kitchen spatula that you can use it to scramble eggs, flip pancakes among many other uses. Acquire a spatula that is flexible made from premium materials that do not rust as it is made from stainless steel making it durable.

Also acquire a high heat resistance spatula made from exceptional and distinguished silicone making it highly resistant to heat.

Forget other kitchen utensils that do not flip meat efficiently in your restaurant hence wasting precious time and are made from substandard materials hence constantly breaking. Acquire an exceptional kitchen tong that use can easily use to flip meat, serve salads, squeeze juice out of a fruit or toss stir fry ingredients.

Also make sure, the tongs can open a bottle that is if you lack a bottle opener.

Potato Mashers

Any kitchen should have ultimate kitchen utensils that can easily smash potatoes or any food that needs to be smashed. Though it may not see much action in many kitchens, it is an important kitchen utensil for making lump-free smashed potatoes. It you have ever smashed potatoes you will agree with me that this is truly exquisite kitchen utensil.

Pizza Slicers

We all love pizzas and we always want them perfectly sliced especially if we are many people sharing one pizza. Pizza slicers should be made from premium and high grade materials that don’t rust such as stainless steel. The following are the premium pizza slicers;


No more hoarding knives or forks from local takeout joints as you are moving on up. If you opt for a stainless steel set, make sure you go gentle on the detergent for dishing washing as too much detergent will cause the silverware to rust. Now go and brush up on your skills for setting up a table for that delicious pizza.

Kitchen Shears

Many times this ultimate kitchen utensil is often underrated but is assure you that you underrate it any more once it slices your pizza exquisitely. It makes the task of slicing your pizza be very easy as you might even forget your kitchen due to this amazing utensil slicing ability.

Getting the right type of utensils that your kitchen needs is very essential. This therefore requires that when one goes to shop for the kitchen utensils, they should get the best qualities available, which should not necessarily be the most expensive. The customer therefore needs to ask from the cooks and chefs and get the best advice on the best kitchen utensils to buy.

Other Kitchen Utensils to Buy

Other Kitchen Utensils to Buy

Rolling Pin
If you love making cakes, doughnuts or making dough, then you need to acquire an excellent rolling pin that will help you create and make even crusts for your pizzas and pies. It is also versatile as you can use it to make holiday cookies. Make sure the rolling pin you acquire is made from durable and premium materials for longevity and also to ensure your pancakes and pizzas are even.

Always stick to rolling pins that are longer than the dough that you want to roll to ensure it rolls out evenly.

Mixing Bowls
If in your restaurant or hotel mixing problem has been problematic as it is time consuming then you need to acquire mixing bowls as they can mix just about anything from mixing dough, marinating meat, dressing veggies with seasoning or sauce or making salad dressings or dips. Mixing bowls mix just about anything making it a must for any kitchen in any restaurant or hotel. Acquire lightweight stainless steel, skip any glass bowls as most of the times they chip off easily.

Always forgotten but a must in the kitchen, from cutting open packaging of ingredients, or a simple way to cut herbs, scissors should not be forgotten.

Cutting Boards
You really need some great cutting boards for when you are cutting up fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, herbs, bread and desserts. For instance, you do not want to cut cheese or meat on the same board that you just cut a whole lot of onions or garlic on in order to keep those flavors of the garlic and onions from permeating the taste of the meat or cheese or other things that you need to cut that are not part of the same dish as the onions and garlic. You need to wash your boards with good dish soap and hot water to keep them clean and to get rid of the smells of strong odors from garlic, onions, fish, etc.

It only stands to reason that you need some good bowls. It is a good idea to have a set of stainless steel mixing bowls. The good news is that they are relatively inexpensive and that they will last you for a very long time. You also need mixing bowls that are glass or ceramic for when you need to heat things in the microwave for a recipe as you cannot put stainless steel bowls in the microwave. Be mindful also that you need some nice serving bowls for salads and other things.

Measuring Cups and Spoons
In order to be able to make a recipe be successful and taste good, you do need to put the exact measurements of the ingredients together. You usually cannot just guess or things will turn out to be a real mess and will taste disgusting. So measuring cups and measuring spoons keep you on target with the right precise amounts of the ingredients just as the recipe indicates that you are to use. This way you will have great tasting food every time you cook in your beloved kitchen.

You need some good quality cookware. It is a good idea to have some skillets as you will be frying a lot of different things. And have the kind of skillet that are non stick really are essential to have in yourkitchen when it comes time to cook, becausethose non stick skillets are really great as you will not have a lot of mess to clean up when you are using them. You should also invest in other sizes of pots and saucepans and you will need a decent sized stock pot. These items are the foundation for cooking great meals.

Instant Read Thermometer
You really do need a good instant read thermometer, so that you will be able to check on the temperature of your meat and poultry in order to be able to make sure that it is completely cooked before you are in the process of serving it to family and guests to eat; because it would be a real tragedy for you, family members and guests who consumed meat or poultrythat is not cooked well to get food poisoning from it. Food poisoning is very fatal and can even kill someone potentially, so always use your thermometer to check the temperature of the meat and poultry.

The above list is the ultimate kitchen utensils list with all the tools you need. This list has utensils that will help you make that delicious pizza, mash your potatoes, mix and cook food efficiently and hassle free, measure your food if it is for a restaurant among many other features.