Sheepopco – The Adorable Popcorn Sheep Bowl

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If you like your movies and your pop corn then this stylish popcorn bowl might well be for you. A fun Kickstarter project was set up this year (2016) and has reached its goal to move forward, but what is so good and fun about this bowl?

SHEEPOPCO - The Happiest Popcorn Bowl!

Sheepopco is what you may have guessed, a stylish sheep shaped bowl that one fill with popcorn creates and white wool effect of the sheep giving it that adorable sheep look. With is four small feet it has a head and body that can be filled with popcorn.

Sheepopco has began the process of being manufactured after reaching its goal of $10,000, it has been backed by 327 backers who have pledged $12,470 to help bring this little sheep to life.

SHEEPOPCO - The Happiest Popcorn Bowl!

A typical 1 size bag of popcorn will fill two bowls, Sheepopco will come in a set of two so you have two sheep bowls so they never feel alone. The bowls are well designed and BPA free, they are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. As well as the bowls you also get some small stickers which allow you to customise the face of the sheep.

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