‘Pluck’ the Plucking Genius Egg Yolk Extractor

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When cooking there is always a recipe that requires just the egg whites when causes you have to try and remove the yolk. You may do this by draining the egg through your finger tips to catch the yolk but this can get a little messy, you may keep pouring the egg between two shells to separate, but this can get a little frustrating.

What is the quickest way to remove the egg yolk?

You need a handy little device named ‘Pluck’. This is a great little invention from Quirky, a small silicone device that is a must in any kitchen drawer, helps you separate egg yolks and whites.

quickest way to remove the egg yolk quickest way to remove the egg yolk

To use all you do is place “the small device over the yolk of an already cracked egg, squeeze the silicone chamber, and release to suck the egg yolk up into it. Once the yolk is in the chamber you can squeeze it out into another container, dish or in the bin if not needed.It is that simple. Quick and easy to use, and importantly no mess!

The device splits into two where the clear chamber at the bottom which hold the egg yolk can be unscrewed to allow you to easily wash it out. The top section is made from Textured Silicone with the clear section made from tough plastic.

Watch this fun and quirky video ad below showing it in action.

“Inventor Mark Fusco’s saw an opportunity to commercialize a clever DIY egg separation technique, so he developed the initial concept for Pluck and submitted to the Quirky community for consideration and refinement. 4,195 influencers contributed their votes, designs, and branding ideas to bring Pluck to the Upcoming page, where you can help us set the perfect price today.”

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