OXO’s Clever Over-the-Corner Colander Latches On To A Sink

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Colanders are great for draining your build veg, pasta, or washing your sad or fruit, however they are large bowels that take up a lot of space in your sink when being used.

OXO’s Over-the-Corner Colander Latches On To A Sink Corner

OXO’s Over-the-Corner Colander Latches On To A Sink Corner allowing it to drain while freeing up some space within the sink to wash your hands or rinse a dish if needed.The clever design moves away from what a traditional Colander looks like, instead of a circular design this is more triangular to suit the angle of a sink. It has a overlap down the two sides allowing it to grip and hold onto the side of your sink worktop. This is strong enough to hold a colander full of pasta, veg, apples or fruit, it is a sturdy design that works very well.

Designed and made by Oxo is has rubber grips around the edge to ensure it stays in place and doesn’t slip off into the sink, there are large slits down the side and bottom of it to drain the water.There are also small feet on the bottom o that it can be stood up on your worktop like usual.

OXO’s Over-the-Corner Colander Latches On To A Sink Corner

As you can hang this over your sink it makes it much more hygienic as you don’t need to place it in your sink itself to drain, it can be hung over it without actually touching. The extra space it saves and with it being in the corner makes it easier to wash your hands as well without water splashing everywhere.

This is a well designed and creative product that is a must for all kitchens, well made, well designed and well priced. Great value and certainly ideal for smaller kitchens where space is tight.

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