Make Cold-Pressed Juice At Home with Juicero

Juicing and drinking healthy fruit juices has become very popular, even juice diets! Making smoothies is all the rage and hoping into cafes and coffee shops now they are all stocked with some sort of healthy juice ready to drink from the bottle. When it comes to making healthy juices at home it is fair to say it is a lot of hard work for a glass which can be drunk in seconds. Peeling, chopping, blending, juicing and then all the washing up after. Enough to make you want a coffee after all that!

Make Cold-Pressed Juice At Home with Juicero

Juicero brings fresh cold juices to you in your home by making and pouring a glass for you. Juicero is countertop appliance which functions as a single-service cold-pressed juicer for home kitchens. Smilier to some home coffee machines such as the Nespresso it uses its own special pouches, just like some coffee machines use capsules, the Juicero uses pouches.

To use just open up the door on the front of the unit, pop in your pouch, close the door and hit the big button on the front and off it goes. It presses the pouch forcing out the fresh juice into your glass.

See it in action here in this promotional video.

The Juicero is priced at $699 which is just the counter top juicer. you then have the pouches for juicing that cost between $4 and $10 each (depending on the flavor). All in all this is a pricey bit of kit even before you have bought the juicing packets. On top of that the unit itself is quite large, it does look stylish but at 16.5 x 10.25 x 10 inches (h x w x d) and weighting in at 31.5 pounds it takes up quite a bit of room.

From a design point of view it is very stylish and certainly looks clean, modern and sleek. The Press itself connects to the Internet for real-time updates, there are also clever sensors which can scan the Packs’ QR codes so that it is set for optimized pressing and guaranteed freshness. Clever stuff!

If you like your juices and money is no object then this is great, but for the normal household it is quite pricey even if it is for fresh, organic, cold-pressed juice.