Launch Port

It can be super annoying when you’re in the kitchen in the middle of a recipe and your iPad’s battery dies out. It can be a hassle to bring in all the chargers into the kitchen with all the wiring than can possibly get in the way of anything. This is where Launch Port comes into play! The Launch Port sleeve magnetically attaches itself to a wall mount or to the base stand and allows inductive charging. This system comprises of two categories: stations and sleeves. The charging stations are of two types: The BaseStation and the WallStation. The BaseStation is like a table top mount and the WallStation is a wall mounted station that helps in holding the iPad upright. If you have an iPad 2 or a 3rd Generation iPad, get the available sleeve today and start making a use of this device!

Design and Features

Talking about the BaseStation, it is beautiful as well as professional. This product is a polished silver triangle with a soft base that would allow it to sit on any flat surface. The power cord just comprises of a single cord that can be plugged into the wall. This wall plug shows brilliant internet compatibility and with swappable tips for different wall outlets around the world. When referring to the WallStation, one drawback is that it requires proper installation which includes, connecting the appropriate wires for electrical power. However, the WallStation is a well packaged and professional gadget that has a simple yet modern body with a solid metal polished white look. Although this gadget is protruding from a wall, it is unassuming as well as thin. The WallStation has enough magnetic strength to sufficiently hold the iPad without dropping it and this satisfying hold can immediately be felt when placing the iPad on the device.

Having received 3.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, there have been complaints over the quality of the product when it comes to performance over a period of time.


All in all I would say that this product is a simple and essential tech kitchen gadget with the drawback being its high price. It has a simple yet beautiful design and I wouldn’t mind installing a couple of models around the kitchen!