Floating Ice Cubes Illusion Ice Bucket

Every good party should have an ice bucket allowing you to keep your drink refreshingly cool and chilled. However with ice buckets whenever you go to get ice you also get a good scoop of ice cold water as well from where the cubes have melted, so you end up with chilled water as well as the cubes which will water down your drink and ruin the taste.

The Illusion Ice Bucket – Designed by Rudolfo Dordoni for MoMA not only looks like a piece of art, it also separates the water from the ice, so that when you go to scoop up some ice cubes for your drink, that is all you get. The inverted interior suspends the ice cubes making it look like they are floating, around the edge of the inverted balloon there is a gap for water from the ice cubes to drop through into a well at the bottom. With this separation it also helps slow down the speed at which the ice melts, if the ice was in the melted water it would melt the cubes quicker, where as the water can run off into the well at the bottom. 

This ice bucket not only looks stylish it also works very well, the only drawback is its size and it could do within being a bit bigger for those parties, however for at home for a dinner party this is perfect.

About the designer – “Architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni has worked with Artemide, Moroso, Cappelini—to name a few. He founded Dordoni Architects Studi with Alessandro Acerbi and Luca Zaniboni in 2005. He takes a holistic approach to design, considering not just the creation of the object, but also paying close attention to its image strategy and marketing.” – MoMa Store