Joseph Joseph Chopping Board Set Review

A popular Joseph Joseph product is the chopping board set, 4 chopping boards each in a different colour with a tab and icon on, all housed in a nice stylish case and stand that can be kept out on your kitchen worktop.

Design & Function

Each board is marked with a icon, one for preparing raw meat, fish, vegetables and cooked food. This is great so that you don’t cut your fresh veg on a chopping board that has just has raw meat on it. The idea is great and the boards are solid and have a non slip base to them which makes them safe and easy to cut on.

With the boards also being all be different bright colours this also reduced the chance of using the boards for the wrong thing or different items on a raw meat board. The colours used all match other Joseph Joseph products, so if you are a fan they all match and look great together.

All four chopping boards are kept in a upright case which will stand nicely on your worktop, the one we checked out came in silver however you can also get  awhile version too.

As function and style they are great, however one issue we have is that they do cut easily. By that I mean there are knife markings on the boards from where veg or meat has been cut. These become more obvious when you wash the boards and they become quite visible. This is the only downside to these boards, and a more robust material would have made them perfect, but when you are paying around £30 for a set you would hope for something a bit better.


Apart from the markings from knives they are a great set of chopping boards, and certainly help prevent any cross-contamination of different food types.

Our Rating