iKettle Wi-Fi Electric Kettle Review

Everyone loves a good cup of tea or coffee in the morning, and what better way to get your kettle boiling ready for your favourite hot beverage than using your phone!


The iKettle is a stylish device made from stainless steel. When it comes to looks it is also possible to purchase silicon skins that you can put onto the kettle, a bit like a rubber case for your phone which will add a bit of colour and match your style and design of your kitchen.

It is a stylish design suitable for all homes and kitchen, it may not win any design awards for its looks but it is certainly better looking than a lot of kettles on the market. The ability to add colour to it with the skins allows it to match your kitchen design which is a great feature and option if you are not a fan of the brushed steel look.


The kettle itself has a base that connects to your home wifi which then allows you can easily control the kettle through your phone with the app that you can download for this. On the base of the device itself are buttons that allow you to keep your kettle water warm for the next 20 minutes, or temperature buttons that shall warm the water to the perfect heat of your choice depending what you are drinking, 65 degrees perfect for green teas, 80 degrees is great for white teas, then 95 and 100 degree options too.

This is the world’s first Wifi kettle, and it holds 1.8 litres of water and is 1850 watts.

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All of this is also controllable through the app, the app has a host of other options such as an alarm, but not just any alarm, and alarm that will wake you up and have the kettle ready and boiled for your morning cuppa. You can even set the kettle so that it is heated up at certain points throughout the day so you don’t even need to think about it, it will be ready. If you pop out then on your return the app knows you have returned home and will ask if you fancy a drink, if you say yes it will boil the kettle for you without having to go into the kitchen.

Ease of Use

The iKettle took a little bit of time to set up and get working on our network, but once up and running it worked great, the kettle is lightweight but well built, and app looked and worked well. It is important to say that this kettle works with your wifi only, so it is not possible to operate the kettle via your app when on 3G and at your school picking up the kids, you can only do this when your phone is connected to your home wifi.

Check out the iKettle TV advert below to see it in action.

Would I buy it?

This kettle may seem a little over the top but it is a good and useful gadget to have, and for just under a hundred pounds it is certainly better than some other kettles at this price point.

For a fun gadget and a great present for my husband then yes I would buy for them.