Kitchen Gadgets For Cooking the Ultimate Roast Dinner

We round up the must have kitchen gadgets for cooking the ultimate roast dinner on or Sunday, or the all the trimmings Christmas dinner!

By Kitchen Gadget Box

We round up the must have kitchen gadgets for cooking the ultimate roast dinner on or Sunday, or the all the trimmings Christmas dinner!

Best Sunday Roast Gadgets

When it comes to that roast dinner we feature some of the best gadgets to help make it quicker and easier in the kitchen when cooking that dinner.

OXO Good Grips 4-Cup Fat Separator

When it comes to the Sunday roast or Christmas dinner there is nothing better than that home made gravy, however the one thing you don’t want is all that fat too.

The OXO Good Grips 4-Cup Fat Separator allows you to pour your gravy into this special jug through the strainer and then the fat will rise to the top while lean gravy settles at the bottom allowing you to pour out leaving the fat.

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Making gravy has never been easier with the OXO Good Grips Fat Separator.

Made from a heat-resistant plastic the jug also has markings on it for convenience and easy measuring. There is also a heat-resistant strainer at the top which catches unwanted bits as well. There is a rubber easy grip handle and a plastic stopper which will stop the fat from going up the spout.

This is a great product and a must have if you like to make your own gravy or stock. No more spillages and a healthier gravy. This is also dishwasher safe and friendly so there is no need to do any extra washing up either.

OXO Good Grips Poultry Lifter

Be it the Sunday roast or Christmas dinner the OXO Good Grips Poultry Lifter is a must have gadget. This simple device is designed to help you transfer poultry from pan to dish with one easy motion while keeping the bird and meat intact.

A stainless steel curved shaped prong with twin spikes on the end is inserted into the bird, to the top of the lifter is a rubber handle which is easy to grip, ideal if you have wet or greasy hands. The bird can then be lifted out of the hot pan which may have boiling oil in and moved to a plate or chopping board.

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A must have for any home cooking, from Sunday roasts to cooking of meats at home.

Once moved to a plate you can use the poultry lifter as a handle when cutting, something to hold the bird in place when carving. This gadget can hold a bird up to 24 lbs.

This clever and simple device is durable, made from strong stainless steel and is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. There is also another version called the OXO Good Grips Turkey Lifter, this is basically the same device just under a different name.

The OXO Good Grips Poultry Lifter is a must have kitchen gadget, if you love your roast dinner and want something to make it a little easier next time then this is a must. Although an unusual design and shape it is perfect for storing in your roasting dish or tin ready for the next time you are cooking your chicken or turkey.

Maxim’s 2-In-1 Jug & Scales Easily Measures Liquids

When it comes to cooking there is a lot of weighing out ingredients, measuring water, stock and juices, this takes a bit of time and there is always that battle to remember to reset your scales so that it doesn’t take into account the bowel of dish you are using.

Maxim’s 2-In-1 Jug & Scales is exactly that, a typical jug that you may already have in your kitchen that has had a bit of tech and gadgetry added in to make it weight itself and and measure its contents. No need for battling with scales this clever jug does it all.

The Maxim 2-in-1 Jug and Scales measures 14.4 x 21.6 x 13.9 cm, with a maximum capacity for 1 liter of volume and 3 kgs of weight. When it comes to measuring piping hot liquids take note that the jug has a temperature threshold of 70°C max. Also with the electronics and display on the handle this jug isn’t dishwasher friendly and would have to be carefully washed by hand.

For quick and simple measuring and if you need a new jug too then this is a great gadget that is quick and easy to use and saves having to battle with those scales on your worktop.

How to use

To use as a measuring cup, just fill up the jug with the liquid and read the labels on the side, this is celery displayed and easy to read.

For the weight, just add or pour in what you’re weighing in the same container, then check the LCD on the handle where the display can show both metric and English readings. The weight displayed will be the weight of the contents which makes it quick and easy to do as you don’t need to remember to reset it to ignore the weight of the jug as you would with traditional kitchen scales.

Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener

With your roast dinner you may also want a glass of wine and the Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener is the must have gadget for that.

If you love your wine and you love your gadgets then the Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener is for you. A cordless, simple and elegant bottle opener without the faff. No need to battle away with your wine bottle trying to get the cork out, the Electric Wine Bottle Opener makes easy work of it.

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The is very light and has a good grip for using, it also comes with a foil cutter too for the wine wrapper.

In terms of ease of use, well you just take it from its docking station when it has some charge, place it on the bottle and press a button and it does its magic. Easy! You do have to remove the foil first yourself and there is a cutter that comes with this to do that. That little gadget itself is easy to use and works well.

When charged it shall open 40 bottles of wine which is great, it looks great and makes it easy to open aged bottles of wine.

The perfect lazy mans wine bottle opener, and you can’t beat it. A stylish looking gadget and great talking point and bit of entertainment when hosting a dinner party, and with everyone wanting a go shall surely help keep the wine flowing. This is a perfect gift, and a great gadget to have in your kitchen if you are a wine lover.