Fun Kitchen Tools And Gadgets You Can Use With Your Kids

We take a look at the best Kitchen Tools and utensils that are perfect for your Kids, from cooking as a family to helping them eat.

By Kitchen Gadget Box

We take a look at the best Kitchen Tools and utensils that are perfect for your Kids, from cooking as a family to helping them eat.

Kitchen Tools & Utensils for Kids

We round up some of the best kids kitchen tools and utensils that are perfect for getting your children involved in the kitchen.

Turn Your Boiled Eggs into Sports Balls for Kids

The Sports Huevos Egg Shapers is available in three different designs, a golf ball, a soccer ball/football, and a tennis ball. Each egg is shaped into a perfectly round ball and has the matching lines and indentation to make it look very realistic. The golf ball egg has all the little dots on it, the football has leather patch lines on it, and the tennis ball egg has the distinctive sweeping line curved over it.

To turn your boiled egg into a fun sports egg just hard boil and egg as you normally would, once done remove the shell from the egg and place straight into the shaper, close this and place into cold water and leave for a few minutes. It is important to take the egg from the boiling water, remove the shall and put into the cold water in the shaper so that it can easily set into its new shape.

Once it has cooled you can remove the egg from the shaper and dish up for dinner or put into the kids lunchbox for school.

Sports Huevos Egg Shapers

Whichever sports ball you got for they all measure the same size, 6.8 x 7.4 x 5.2cm, all ideal for medium sized eggs to be used. Ideal for kids dinners and school lunch boxes to help your child eat a healthy balanced diet.

Sheepopco – The Adorable Popcorn Sheep Bowl

If you like your movies and your pop corn then this stylish popcorn bowl might well be for you.

Sheepopco is what you may have guessed, a stylish sheep shaped bowl that one fill with popcorn creates and white wool effect of the sheep giving it that adorable sheep look. With is four small feet it has a head and body that can be filled with popcorn.

Sheepopco has began the process of being manufactured after reaching its goal of $10,000, it has been backed by 327 backers who have pledged $12,470 to help bring this little sheep to life.

A typical 1 size bag of popcorn will fill two bowls, Sheepopco will come in a set of two so you have two sheep bowls so they never feel alone. The bowls are well designed and BPA free, they are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. As well as the bowls you also get some small stickers which allow you to customise the face of the sheep.

The Perfect Cake Slicer

You sing happy birthday and then have to cut the cake, the award moment you need to slice the cake up for everyone making sure all lives are equal, and then you have to transfer each slice to a plate hoping it doesn’t break apart or look like it has just been dumped on there with a shovel.

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The Cake Folder Leaf Shape Slicer Cutter is a cleverly designed so you don’t even need a knife, just use this handy tool that is shaped like a leaf, it slices through the cake, applying pressure to it holds the cake slice in place while your transfer it to your plate keeping the cake in tact. Releasing the leaf cutter allows the cake to be placed down read to eat.

You can’t go wrong!

A perfect gift and gadget for people that love baking, or really just love their cake!

Musical Cake Slicer


No more awkward moments trying to get the family to sing along on someones birthday, the musical cake slicer comes in different colors, and plays popular tunes, like Happy birthday, The wedding march, He’s a jolly good fellow and Jingle Bells all at the touch of a button. A fun gadget that will have you and the family all singing along, even if it is through gritted teeth!

The Selfie Toaster


Thats right, the slide toaster, I’m sure you know someone that is selfie obsessed, well they would love this, it regular toaster that allows you to print your own selfie shot on your toast.  The Selfie Toaster by Burnt, comes with one coupon which is redeemable for one custom insert, you can buy as many as you want extra from their website after purchase.

Cuisipro Ice Cream Scoop and Stack

The Cuisipro Ice Cream Scoop and Stack makes it easy to get a scoop of ice cream from your tub and drop it into your bowel or on top of a delicious brownie.This clever gadget creates fun-shaped ice cream cylinders,  just push scoop into firm ice cream, lift, push button release and sure up beautifully presented ice cream.

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