Easily Move your Washing with these Trolley Wheels

Top gadget to easily move your washing machine into position.

By Kitchen Gadget Box

Top gadget to easily move your washing machine into position.

Washing machines are may not be much bigger than your dishwasher, yet they weigh a substantial amount, and this is due to the slab of concrete that is added to them to prevent them from running round your kitchen when in use. When the machine spins it can cause the machine to shake making it move, to prevent this the machine is weighted down  in the form of concrete.

With this weight washing machine are very difficult and awkward to move, the weight make it difficult to lift, so you swing it on legs pivoting it into position, if you have a tight spot it is very difficult to move.

Washing Machine Trolley Wheels

This simple gadget allows you to glide washing machines or other heavy appliances into place, a frame that sits under the washing machine with wheels makes it easy to push it into the gap in your utility room.

Placing wheel under the washing machine makes it easy to move the appliance around, this can be making it easy to slide it into position or bring out for maintenance or if you are replacing it, or perhaps going house.

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The gliders are adjustable to suit different size appliances, they also have a brake button on them to lock the wheels in place prevent the appliance from moving once in place.

These are great for heavy appliance and make it easy to move them around or when it comes to positioning them, even if you get your washing in place without them, it makes   it easy to slide it out again if needs be.

These are suitable for washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, cabinets and air conditioning units, making them easy to move around.