Aervana – The Worlds First Electric Wine Aerator

Aervana is a single push-button electric wine aerator. Press the button down with one finger and it shall deliver perfectly aerated wine to your glass ready to drink. Experience the enhanced flavors and aromas of properly aerated wine.

Did you know the Aervana™ is the world’s first electric wine aerator? The Aervana is the only wine aerator designed to keep wine sediment in the bottom of the bottle and not in your glass. It helps reduce tannins, acidity and sulfides and features a sophisticated, sleek modern design, food safe materials, and takes seconds to use. Pouring is so easy. Press the button for a perfect amount of aerated wine every time. It is an excellent choice for both home and professional use.

Aervana - The Worlds First Electric Wine Aerator

Powering off 6 AAA 1.5V batteries which are included it pumps the wine up from the bottle and out into your glass in a single push.

Red wines intended to have earthy flavours can benefit while also getting to their optimal flavor faster with aeration. A wine aerator can bring your glass of wine to life and ignite those flavours within. It may not be so useful on white wines, but an aerator is a must for a good bottle of red.