3 Tier Stackable Drinks Dispenser With Fruit Infuser And Ice Tube

Each tier is made of durable, break-resistant and shatterproof BPA free acrylic plastic. On each one there is also a push tap that allows for easy controlled dispensing of the juice or liquid within, smilier to what you may find on a water dispenser. Each layer holds 3.5 litres making it ideal lemonade, fruit juices, summer punches or cold tea. 

Within the center of each layer is a whole for a ice tube, or a fruit infuser. The ice tube is a sealed cup that you can store your ice cubes in, with it being in the center it also helps to keep your juice within that tier chilled. As well as a ice tube there is also a fruit infuser, this looks like a cup with slots cut into it all around the edge. This is designed for fresh fruit to be placed in and then dropped into the tier allowing the liquid to be infused by the fruit with the special cup.

The total size of this 3 Tier Stackable Beverage Dispenser is 20″ in height, by 12″ in diameter. As the tiers stack it is a great space saver on buffet tables as you can easily access and dispense from all 3 tiers, this really is great for summer BBQ’s, evening meals or children parties. The base stand allows it to be used without having to hang it over the edge of a table to get your cup under for the bottom tier, with the other levels being easily accessible.

This is great value and a great space saver for parties, the ice tube and fruit infuser are great additions and allow you to easily help keep your drinks chilled and cool.