10 Fun & Creative Loose Tea Infusers

We love a good cup of tea and there is nothing better than your own tea leaves and a fun loose tea infuser for brewing.

By Kitchen Gadget Box

We love a good cup of tea and there is nothing better than your own tea leaves and a fun loose tea infuser for brewing.

Top 10 Best Fun Loose Tea Infusers

We have rounded up 10 of the best, most fun and creative tea infusers you will want and certainly make great gifts for birthdays or Christmas.

Shark Fin “Sharky” Stainless Steel Loose Tea Infuser


A fun stainless steel tea infuser that has a Fin that floats while the infuser releases the tea flavor. A great gift and also comes gift boxed. Great for mugs of tea or pitchers. 

Tea Duckie Tea Infuser


A mini yellow bath duck that will float in your mug, a stainless steel tea infuser cage at the bottom releases the tea and and duck will happily float around, there is also a blue drip tray included where the duck can rest when lifted out.

DEEP TEA DIVER Silicone Tea Infuser


This little guy will sink to the bottom of you mug, pitcher or tea pot releasing all that lovely tea, while the tea infuser’s stainless steel “air tank” serves as a counterweight for the infuser and allowing you to bring him back up when you are ready to drink.

Fred & Friends BREW WHALE Tea Infuser


The name says it all, the beautiful looking whale that will rest on the bottom of your mug, the blue water spout allows you to easily lift him out when ready to drink. Another great tea infuser design from Fred & Friends.

SWEET TEA Lollipop Tea Infuser


A lot of people may think you are a little strange dipping your lollipop in your tea, but this isn’t your typical lollipop it is a tea infuser that looks just like one, the top splits open for the tea leaves, and is then dropped into your mug.

Egg Tea Infuser


Looking just like a cracked egg it hangs and rests over the edge of your mug or glass, the yolk hangs into the mug which holds the tea leaves, a fun looking tea infuser that will certainly get people talking.

Pipe Tea Infuser by Decodyne


A tea infuser shaped just like a pipe, depending on the size of your mug it will also hook over the edge of your mug so you can easily lift it out, looks great and perfect for the old man of the house as a gift.

SUCK UK Goldfish Tea Infuser


A fun orange/red silicone tea infuser in the shape of a lovely looking fish, it comes with a chain for hanging that has a hook for putting around the edge of handle of the mug. 

Rocket Tea Infuser and Drip Tray


The Kikkerland Rocket Tea Infuser and Drip Tray is a stainless steel rocket shaped tea infuser that also includes a drip tray for when your tea is steeped where you can land the rocket. 

MISTER TEA Silicone Tea Infuser


Say hello to Mister Tea, a tea infuser that likes to relax in your mug just like you were in a hot tub, he hangs over the edge of you mug gripping on using his arms. The infuser is constructed from silicone, which is soft, food-safe and tasteless, so it won’t affect the taste of your tea.

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