Master Frying Pan Review

When it comes to cooking your morning fry up at the weekend there never seems to be enough pans, never enough space on the hob and always certainly to much washing up! Things have changed now the Master Frying Pan has been born, one pan split into 5 differing sized sections.

Either side there are 2 sections, both different sizes, and then down the middle between them is one longer area idea for sausages, bacon or fish. This section has a griddle base to it, the left hand side sections have a circular section making it great for eggs or pancakes, while the other side is ideal for beans, vegetables and sauces.


Master Frying Pan Review

The master frying pan is non stick and can be used on a gas or electric hob, or places in the other, there is also a handy handle opposite the main handle which allows you to easily lift the pan with gloves on. It can be heated up to 180 degrees, with the size of the pan it is worth leaving it on a medium heat for a few mixtures to fully heat the pan up, there is a heavy gauge bottom which will distribute heat flow evenly too.

Our Rating

This pan is a lot more than a gimmick, and will cook a lot more than your morning fry up, it can be used for a whole range of meals cooking meat, fish and vegetables, making it easy to add in ingredients as and when needed.