Bugatti Vela Food Blender Review

The Bugatti Vela Food Blender. When you hear Bugatti you think stylish design, luxury and expensive, and this blender falls into all of those categories. 


First off this blender looks stunning, elegant sweeping curves, simplistic design with beautiful design. No white plastic or chunky switches here, quality design with strong and robust build.Unlike other blenders this one comes with a reinforced clear mixing jar, a robust and strong container with markings down the side for measuring holding up to 1.5 litres.

The model reviewed came in black and looked very sleek, the design of the Bugatti Vela Food Blender means you would want to keep it out on your worktop just for show as it looks to good to be hidden away in the cupboard like other blenders and also other kitchen gadgets. This model can also be purchased in a range of different colours, white, red, orange, green, lilac and cream. The black certainly does look classy and smart.

Our Rating


The blender has a 400 watt motor and has high quality solid steel blades, there are 4 speed settings, low, medium, high and maximum, or you can use the pulse function for instant maximum speed. If you wish to grind ice then there is also a function for that, so ideal for the summer or smoothies.

Everything thrown at this it has coped with, so it not only looks great it also performs great too, certainly not style over substance.


This really is a great blender, on its own it is a beautiful kitchen gadget and would look elegant on any kitchen worktop. When in use it is a solid product produced with high quality materials and build, it really is a fantastic blender that is robust and will feel will last for many many years.

So now the one drawback, the cost, I did say that with Bugatti you think stylish design, luxury and expensive. Well at around around £170 it is expensive as you can buy other blenders for £30, but they are not as well built and certainly don’t look as good as this.  If the price tag does’t put you off then you should certainly get this beautiful Bugatti Vela Food Blender.