Best Water Filter Pitcher Jugs & Buying Guide

If you are in desperate need of clean, fresh drinking water in your home, and aren’t really prepared for an expensive installation, then a water filtration pitcher will come in handy.

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If you are in desperate need of clean, fresh drinking water in your home, and aren’t really prepared for an expensive installation, then a water filtration pitcher will come in handy.

While all water pitchers serve to improve the quality of your water, different pitchers have different degrees of performance. Generally, water pitchers are used to remove bad tastes and odors (thanks to the activated carbon filter integrated into the design) and to get rid of byproducts of disinfectants and other organic substances.

Top 10 Water Filter and Jug Pitchers

One of the things you should look out for when choosing the best water filtration pitchers is the quality of the features they come with.

Other factors include:

  • Size – how many cups can the pitcher hold? Can it fit in your fridge?
  • Speed – how much time does it take to filter the water from the reservoir into the storage?
  • Availability, cost and ease of replacing filters – how hard (or easy) will it be to replace your worn out filter?

With these qualities in mind, we have put together a list of the top ten best water filtration pitchers for you. Pitcher style water filters are especially popular because they do not require installation, can be kept in the refrigerator, and are relatively easy to use.

In our round up we look at:

  • Clear2o CWS100AW Water Filtration Pitcher
  • Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher
  • PUR 2-stage water filtration pitcher
  • MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL
  • ZeroWater ZP-010
  • Culligan PIT-1 water filter pitcher
  • 3M Filtrete Water Filter Pitcher
  • Brita Marella Water Filter Pitcher
  • Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher
  • Pur CR-6000C with LED

Clear2o CWS100AW Water Filtration Pitcher

#1. Clear2o CWS100AW Water Filtration Pitcher

For $26.99, the Clear2o is truly a real bargain, with the ability to remove lead, organic particles, and contaminants resulting in clearer, better-tasting, odorless drinking water. A single cartridge can filter up to 50 gallons of water, and is color specific to tell you when it is worn out. Green indicates it is working, red signifies time for replacement.

Key features

  • up to 50 gallons per cartridge
  • Large pitcher (72-Ounce) that fills and filters within seconds
  • Easy to attach to faucet

Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher

#2. Brita Marina Water Filter Pitcher

The Brita Marina contains an 8-cup pitcher and an advanced filter, which offers removal of metal elements like mercury, zinc, cadmium and copper, effectively taking away any order and funny taste from your water. Available in color black, the $ 33.67 worth pitcher also reduces the taste of chlorine in water.

Key features

  • 8-cup capacity
  • Filter-change indicator
  • Comfort grip handle

PUR 2-stage water filtration pitcher

#3. PUR 2-stage water filtration pitcher

Built essentially for mobile purposes, this $6.99 pitcher is easy to move around and does not look as delicate as many other types. It prides in removal of almost all micro-particles, while at the same time maintaining beneficial levels of fluoride.

Key features

  • 2 stage filtration with an empty-able layer to trap solid waste
  • Up to 40 gallons per filter
  • Available in varying size packs

MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL

#4. MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL

This 9-cup $37.54 pitcher comes in a unique design for those who want their gadgets to double up as decorative pieces. The sculptured look is also function oriented, allowing for easy storage and clear monitoring of water levels.

Key features

  • 9-cup capacity
  • wide range of size and color
  • strong, customized handle for easy hauling

ZeroWater ZP-010

#5. ZeroWater ZP-010

Clocking in at $ 36.99, the ZeroWater uses a 5-stage purification process, which may slow down the filtration process a bit, but the results are worth it, as it amalgamates then filters roughly all dissolved components. Its wedge design makes it space convenient and easy to fit in a fridge.

Key features

  • Built-in spigot allows water to flow out without removing the pitcher
  • Lead and chromium removing filters
  • Easy fridge-fit design

Culligan PIT-1 water filter pitcher

#6. Culligan PIT-1 water filter pitcher

This 50-gallon cartridge capacity pitcher is designed in a clear, wedge shape that makes it easy to go through any refrigerator door. At $18.97, it offers a good deal as it allows you to connect to the faucet and guarantees a near-perfect odor and taste correction.

Key features

  • Spout cover allows pouring without removing the lid
  • Ergonomic handle for easy hauling and pouring
  • Wedge shape for easy fridge-fit

3M Filtrete Water Filter Pitcher

#7. 3M Filtrete Water Filter Pitcher

This $20 pitcher from 3M prides itself in speed and longevity. The speed of water through the pitcher is roughly two times faster than other designs, making it appropriate for households that need large amounts of filtered water over a short period. One cartridge also goes double the distance of most others, filtering up to 100 gallons before it requires replacement.

Key features

  • 12-cup capacity
  • Rectangular design to make it sturdy
  • High filtering speed

Brita Marella Water Filter Pitcher

#8. Brita Marella Water Filter Pitcher

Produced by the same company as the Brita Marina, the Marella is a $40.31, 3-filter pitcher ideal for brewing water. It removes the sediments from your faucet water thus guarantees pure taste for your tea or coffee.

Key features

  • 3 filters enhance unit time output
  • Custom handle and pout head for easy pouring

Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher

#9. Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher

Another one from the Brita lineage, this Chlorine and odor reduction pitcher has an electric tracker that allows you to know how far gone the pitcher is; how soon you will need a replacement. This model also comes in a range of colors, bright yellow, orange red, perfect for matching your kitchen.

Key features

  • Smug grip handle for hauling comfort
  • Slim design for easy fridge fit
  • 10-cup capacity

Pur CR-6000C with LED

#10. Pur CR-6000C with LED

This oval shaped pitcher allows easy fridge fit and is designed to remove mercury, copper and other contaminants dissolved in your faucet water. 2-stage filtration ensures a more refined taste to your drinking water.

Key Features

  • LED light automatically activated by tilting when pouring
  • Sleek, slim design for easy fridge-fit
  • 2-stage filtering to capture as much debris as possible

Bottom line

The choice of a pitcher will be largely influenced by your personal preferences, the nature of the faucet water in your area, size of family e.t.c. In any case, this selection will go a long way towards helping you choose the best water filtration pitchers to suit your specific needs. Happy shopping!

Water Filtration Pitcher Buying Guide

Because online shopping has expanded so greatly over time, people are looking for all kinds of ways to purchase the best products at the lowest prices. From shopping for small to big purchases, there are a number of different sites that can instruct consumers on how to make the best choice for themselves and their family.

One of which includes the need for a good water filtration system to purify the water for the family. Therefore, for those of you who need and want the best Water Filtration Pitcher possible, here’s a simple to use Water Filtration Pitcher Buying Guide.

Set an Amount that you want to pay

Everybody’s budget is different so some people can afford to pay much much more money for a water filter pitcher than others. So, this is one of the factors that must be taken into consideration when making a selection. In some cases, people may only be willing to spend as much as 50 dollars and a little more, while others may be prepared to pay several hundredto get the best.

Either way, an amount for the pitcher must be set in advance so that people do not pay more than they can actually afford. Also, when making this decision, people should do a little research to see which types will best fit the need and the cost.

What should the water filter remove from the water?

Another great tip for those who want to make sure that their water is being purified involves getting the water tested prior to making a purchase. When the water is tested in advance, it will disclose any elements that should be taken out including chlorine and chlorinated byproducts. Once the water has been tested, people will also know what types of other contaminants that can be found that the person do no wantto drink on a regular basis.

For instance, if an individual buys a water filtration system for their home, they should know in advance what types of elements and pollutants that must be taken out. After the owner gives the green sign, the person can also review the water for numerous others elements including water pollutants, pharmaceutical traces, heavy metals, microbiological cysts, and agricultural pollutants.

Look for Specific Designs to Purchase

When an individual is in the process of selecting the filtration system, they should make sure that they are looking for a diversity in designs. Because the designs can also vary from one manufacturer to another, people should always know the design that they are looking for. For instance, some families may only need hand held picture to get started with taking out the contaminants, while others may need a large size water filtration picture that will fit their specific needs.

To find the best types, however, people will need to look online to see which steps in the guide that can be problematic. Typically, the family may need a large enough system to supply all of the families water needs when they are arriving in their home.