The Best Robot Vacuums

Discover the Best Robotic Vacuum for Cleaning Your Kitchen Messes.

By Kitchen Gadget Box

Discover the Best Robotic Vacuum for Cleaning Your Kitchen Messes.

The Best Robot Vacuums

iRoboVac XD Robot Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning the floor always take some time, out comes the hoover, mop, bucket and some hard work.

The iRoboVac XD Robot Vacuum Cleaner removes all this and makes cleaning the floor an ease, so easy that it takes care of it for you. So what is this gadget? Well it is a hoover that takes care of itself and your floors!

This device will dock itself and ensure it is charged up ready to go, and once it is let loose it will go round and hover up your floor, carpet, rugs, wooden floors or kitchen tiles, although it must be said it is not suitable for long thread carpets or black carpets.

Once charged this hoover can go off and work away for 2 hours on a full charge, it has a large 0.8 litre collection box for dust and bits it picks up, removing any dirt grime it finds on its way. It takes about 3 hours to charge up fully after completing a 100 minute cleaning program that is set on the device.

‘The iRoboVac XD works in the following way, first it sweeps your floor with its rotating brushes and dusting brush working in tandem to break up and loosen any dug in dust. The powerful suction then sucks all the dirt and dust into its generous dust storage compartment. With the UV light active, you can be rest assured that any bacteria living in your carpet will be neutralised. ‘

One thing that really stood out that we liked was that it comes with bacteria killing UV lamp, when active it shall kill and bacteria living in your carpet or rug. This is great for family households or if you have a family pet such as a dog or cat. One Amazon customer reviewer said: ‘Because our dog moults like crazy, there seems to constantly be dog hair everywhere. With this hoover, our floors are cleaned more regularly than before and so our house is cleaner. It is fantastic on hard floors and good on short carpets.’

Due to the shape and size it will struggle with corners of rooms, and going around some furniture, it may get stuck when you first use it so see where it struggles and then try and ensure that it doesn’t get stuck there by moving the furniture slightly or stop it from going over there. That being said it is great for going under your sofa which you can’t do with your normal hoover, it does a fantastic job on wood and tile floors when we tested it so it perfect for the kitchen, especially with the UV lamp too.

The iRoboVac comes complete with 5 attachments for different floors and cleaning methods, spare brushes and is also easy to take apart with the wheels and brushes being easily removed to clear out any blockages, it comes with a 12 month warranty.

This cleaning gadget comes with 5 different cleaning modes; Auto Cleaning Mode, Spot Cleaning mode, Edge cleaning mode, Mute cleaning mode and ZigZag. With a 360 degree sensor this vacuum will know where it is and where it is going at all time so it won’t get stuck, unless on carpet where the wheels prevent it from moving.