Best Kitchen Food Prep Tools

Kitchen preparation tools to make preparing vegetable, salads and meals quicker and easier.

By Kitchen Gadget Box

Kitchen preparation tools to make preparing vegetable, salads and meals quicker and easier.

Must-Have Kitchen Tools to Make Meal Prep Easier

We round up and review some of best and must have prep tools and gadgets to have in your kitchen.

Quirky Glide Knife Cleaner

This simple gadget clips onto your kitchen knife and allows you to easily and safely remove any food stick to the knife from cutting. This is perfect for those times when you are cutting onion and garlic, you really don’t want to have to touch it as you know the smell  will be on your fingers for hours after.

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A simple product that allows your to clear food from your knife safely and quickly.

This Quirky Glide Knife Cleaner gadget measures just 41 x 16 x 11 mm and it’s made from thermoplastic elastometer.  It clips onto any kitchen knife, the larger the better and prevents any nasty cuts or injuries to fingers when cleaning your knives. There is a small finger imprint for easy grip on the glider itself which makes it easy to easy.

3-In-1 Avocado Slicer

Avocado’s are known as a superfood and must include food in any diet. The OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer makes it quicker and easy to open up and slide your avocado making it perfect for salads or to go with your meal.

1 – First step is to use the plastic knife on the end to slice around the avocado, then twist allowing you to split it into two so you can get to the stone.

2 – Second step is to use the pitter to remove the pit, just place it on and a little twist and it shall come straight out, no need to dangerously jab your knife into it.

3 – Finally its time to slice, using the slicer tool you can comb through the avocado removing it in evenly sliced segments. It is that simple.

A quick and easy to use tool which is BPA free. It is ideal for slicing up your avocado for salads, snacks or packed lunches. It makes it easy to do and also no need for any sharp knifes.

This gadget comes in green or white and at the time of writing this has had over 900 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 star rating. It is great value and does the job very well, certainly worth having in your kitchen.

Egg Yolk Extractor

When cooking there is always a recipe that requires just the egg whites when causes you have to try and remove the yolk. You may do this by draining the egg through your finger tips to catch the yolk but this can get a little messy, you may keep pouring the egg between two shells to separate, but this can get a little frustrating.

You need a handy little device named ‘Pluck’. This is a great little invention from Quirky, a small silicone device that is a must in any kitchen drawer, helps you separate egg yolks and whites.

quickest way to remove the egg yolk

To use all you do is place “the small device over the yolk of an already cracked egg, squeeze the silicone chamber, and release to suck the egg yolk up into it. Once the yolk is in the chamber you can squeeze it out into another container, dish or in the bin if not needed.It is that simple. Quick and easy to use, and importantly no mess!

The device splits into two where the clear chamber at the bottom which hold the egg yolk can be unscrewed to allow you to easily wash it out. The top section is made from Textured Silicone with the clear section made from tough plastic.

Herb Cutting Scissors

When it comes to kitchen gadgets they don’t come more of a gadget then the herb cutting scissors, 5 blades makes it perfect for cutting up chives and other herbs.

They are nothing more basic than a set of normal scissors, they become a kitchen gadget with the addition of another 4 blades. When it comes to finely chopping up herbs such as chives for instance it can be a very delicate and also precarious job when it comes to not chopping the end of your fingers off. Unless you have great chopping skills you will usually end up with chopped up herbs just not as finely as you would have liked.

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If you grow your own herbs then these are a must have making it quick and easy to chop them to the perfect size.

These Herb Cutting Scissors will easily job up your herbs into fine pieces and take a pinch of the time if you were doing it with a knife.

They are stainless steel and can be dropped into the dishwasher after use. The only downside is that it is great with chives and some other herbs, but there are some which is have wilted a little, or are very soft, will become a bit of a mush and not cut properly.

This herb scissors are idea for cutting up Arugula, Basil, Chervil, Chives, Cilantro, Green onions, Parsley, Dill, Fennel, and Marjoram.

There are many similar products on the market that are 4-5 blades designed for cutting herbs, we have linked and recommend this one, as it comes with a case for the blades, of which also has a comb built in to allow you to easily remove any herbs stuck to the blades, making it easy to remove them all and keep them clean.

For under £8 they are great if you are cutting herbs up or want to make it a bit more fun for your kids in the kitchen.

Rotary Peeler

With the summer just around the corner and healthy lunches and salads becoming very popular, there is usually a lot of prep work in making them. Lots of salad and veg to cut up and skin, well this little gadget makes it super quick and easy.

Design and created by popular kitchen gadget brand Joseph Joseph, this little contraption is designed to easily peel and skin whatever fruit and veg you want like you would with any other normal peeler. This 2 in 1 Rotary Peeler will just cut through the skin, ensuring it perseveres as much of the main vegetable or fruit as possible, reducing waste saving as much as possible.

There are three stainless steel blades that you can pick from by simply adjusting the dial along the edge. There is a single standard blade for carrots and potatoes, a Julienne blade ideal for your celery and apples, and a soft-skin one for tomatoes and pears.  Of course, they will all work other fruits and vegetables too. On the side you will also find a stainless steel eye remover for your potatoes too.

Joseph Joseph say that this little kitchen tool is ideal for both left and right handed vegetable gutters. As well as being a great little peeler to keep in the drawer it is also quick and easy to clean, simply unclip the case and you can then wash the 3 blades, just be careful, they are very sharpe! This little item can also be washed in a dishwasher.

This can be bought in 3 colours, the well known Joseph Joseph green, a pink version or a grey one.

Rice Cube Mold

The Rice Cuber. This little gadget does what it says, it will shape your food into nice little cubes for you, ideal for creating top restaurant looking food and perfect for Sushi.

This comes with simple step by step instructions, is great for meatballs, cheese and making little snacks for the kids. Children will love using it too. The cubes are about 5cm in size, so just under 2 inches.

Lemon Juice Spray

If you love your pan cakes, salads, fish with a touch of lemon then how about the freshest lemon juice you can get. This simple lemon juice spray gadget just strews into the top of your lemon and way you go, turning your fresh lemon into a fresh lemon spray perfect for pan cakes, or adding to your meal The same can also be used with oranges, limes or tangerines too.

The little gadget comes in either green, pink, blue. It can be broke apart making it easy to clean, it is also dishwasher safe making cleaning even easier. When ordering you get 2 x Fruit Sprayers as well as a small mat for placing it on. Using these great citrus sprays helps to eliminate mess and juice from getting all over the place as you would get when squeezing them. Simple and easy usage of removing juices directly from the fruit. Downward spiral point, twists easily into fruit to avoid harm to hands and fingers.

A great little gadget that is cheap and simple to use. Perfect for salads in the summer or pancakes, having a fresh lemon on the table that you can squeeze over the top. Delicious!

Giant Watermelon Slicer

If you are looking for a healthy dessert of snack, or perhaps a refreshing bite to eat in the summer months then the juicy taste of a watermelon is perfect. Due to the size they can be a little tricky to slice and also a little dangerous with a large sharp knife slicing down towards the worktop.

Fear not, this Giant Watermelon Slicer does exactly that, it is like a apple slicer you may have seen but on a bigger scale designed for water melons. At 9-10 inches in diameter it has strong stainless steel blades slicing your water melon into 12 pieces, as well as cutting out the core for you too. This slicing gadget has two grip handles, one either side which allows to to easily push down on the slicer over the watermelon to cut.

To use just slice the bottom and top of the water melon to create a flat edge where you can then safely stand it upright. Then just push the slicer down over the fruit, forcing it straight down till you hit the chopping board the watermelon will be sliced and open out like a flower ready to be served.

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Chopping a water melon into slices has never been so easy!

If you like your watermelon then this is a great kitchen gadget to have, a robust design and can be used on any fruit that is up to 8 inches in diameter, so slicing melon, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple are great for this. As these fruits are on the larger end of the spectrum the gadget is large too and takes up a little space, however it is great for having on the inside of a cupboard door or in a spare drawer you may have. There is a safety blade protector allows for safe storage and prolonged blade strength.

This gadget is not dishwasher safe and must be washed by hand only, be careful of the shape blades.

Garlic Chop Garlic Chopper

The Garlic Chop Garlic Chopper, no crushing but simply twisting chops down your garlic into small bits, you can add int 2-4 bits depending on size.

Peeling garlic can be frustrating, fiddly, messy and smelly! For something to small adding garlic to your dish when cooking can be a real pain, but with this amazing trick it can be done in less than 10 seconds and just requires 2 bowls!

Just hit down on your garlic to split it up into cloves on your work top, brush it all into a bowl and place another bowl or plate on top, and then shake! Keep shaking for 10 seconds, and bingo, you should be able to pick out your peeled garlic cloves. Once picked out you can then empty the bowl into the bin.

Garlic is a popular ingredient in many dishes and meals, however they are a little fiddly to chop up into tiny bits, and I always seem to find the typical garlic crusher a bit hard work and also a pain to wash up when used.

So although I own a garlic crusher I had to give the The Garlic Chop Garlic Chopper a go! Simply peel your garlic clove, and then drop it into one of the parts, add the second part on top and then simply twist. I am not sure how it works but it certainly does, twisting it easily breaks up the garlic into small bits using its super-strong interlocking teeth, you can then lift the top off and drop your crushed garlic into your pan. It is that simple.

The gadget comes in a lime green and is shaped like a garlic itself, the ridges around the edge make it easy to grip even if you have wet hands when twisting it. It can also be used for ginger too as well as garlic.

If you hate the smell of garlic and hate having to touch it, or washing up your garlic crusher then this is a great device that makes it so easy. The plastic is BPA-free and it is also dishwasher safe. As there are no small holes like a garlic crusher washing this under a tap or in your dishwasher brings it out like new.

It’s that simple. Less mess, quick and easy, and great fun for the kids when getting them involved in cooking.

Corn Peeler

With the Corn Kerneler Grain Cob Thresher Stripper you can easily enjoy fresh corn without the mess of eating from the cob. This little gadget will easily remove corn kernels from the cob in one quick motion and collect it all up for you so there is no mess.

Just place the device at the narrow end of the cob and push straight down. With little effort the stainless steel blades will quickly and easily remove the kernels, which then collect neatly in the basin of the Kerneler. You can then just pour out the corn into a bowl and eat. It is that quick and easy!

Corn Kerneler basin holds about two ears’ worth of kernels and is also dishwasher safe too.

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The Hutzler 571 Banana slicer


If you love banana on your cereal in the morning and want to have a few extra moments in bed then the The Hutzler 571 Banana slicer could well be the gadget you have been looking for.  Whatever size banana bending left or right this cutter will slice through it making equally measured slices perfect for your breakfast. Dishwasher and child safe what more could you want!

OXO’s Over-the-Corner Colander

Colanders are great for draining your build veg, pasta, or washing your sad or fruit, however they are large bowels that take up a lot of space in your sink when being used.

OXO’s Over-the-Corner Colander Latches On To A Sink Corner

OXO’s Over-the-Corner Colander Latches On To A Sink Corner allowing it to drain while freeing up some space within the sink to wash your hands or rinse a dish if needed.The clever design moves away from what a traditional Colander looks like, instead of a circular design this is more triangular to suit the angle of a sink. It has a overlap down the two sides allowing it to grip and hold onto the side of your sink worktop. This is strong enough to hold a colander full of pasta, veg, apples or fruit, it is a sturdy design that works very well.

Designed and made by Oxo is has rubber grips around the edge to ensure it stays in place and doesn’t slip off into the sink, there are large slits down the side and bottom of it to drain the water. There are also small feet on the bottom o that it can be stood up on your worktop like usual.

As you can hang this over your sink it makes it much more hygienic as you don’t need to place it in your sink itself to drain, it can be hung over it without actually touching. The extra space it saves and with it being in the corner makes it easier to wash your hands as well without water splashing everywhere.

This is a well designed and creative product that is a must for all kitchens, well made, well designed and well priced. Great value and certainly ideal for smaller kitchens where space is tight.

Lurch Spirali Vegetable Spiralizer

The Lurch Spirali Vegetable Spiralizer will quickly and easily create fine spaghettis, spirals and ultra-thin slices from your vegetables. This gadget comes with 3 very sharp blade attachments for different depending on your use. It is great for creating nice looking salads, and cutting vegetables, really useful if you are on a healthy eating diet or wish to get your children a bit more involved with the cooking.

The Spiralizer is suitable for potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, onions, celery, radish, beetroot, paprika, aubergine, apples and pears just to name a few. Just ensure you have a large bowel to catch it all as it comes off.

The gadget itself was easy to set up and although the instructions are not great it was quite simple to see what you needed to do and how to change the attachments. The device is very sturdy and well built with rubber feet on the base to prevent any movement when in use.

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The Lurch Spirali Vegetable Spiralizer will quickly and easily create fine spaghettis, spirals and ultra-thin slices from your vegetables.

After use it is quick and easy to wipe down and the blades are made from stainless steel and can be popped in the dishwasher.

The Lurch Spirali Vegetable Spiralizer comes in a  cream and green colour, and is made from plastic, although it looks good and will fit into most kitchens it would be great if there was a stainless steel version which would look great and be very strong and sturdy.