Best Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon

We take a look at our 11 Top Kitchen Gadgets you can find and buy on Amazon.

By Kitchen Gadget Box

We take a look at our 11 Top Kitchen Gadgets you can find and buy on Amazon.

Aside from the living room and bedroom, the kitchen is a place where most people spend a good amount of time. Therefore, it always helps to have some handy gadgets and appliances to work with. In today’s high tech world, Amazon is the place for finding these kitchen gadgets. Ranging in a variety of prices, one to fit everyone’s personal budget. We now present you with the “Best Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon”.

11 Top Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon

Depending on the type of recipes you like to whip up, there are all kinds of delightful gadgets to make life easier for you in the kitchen. From utensil sets to peelers & graters, we will check them all out.

KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender

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This KitchenAid 2-speed hand blender is a must have kitchen appliance for any home. Priced at just under $35, the KHB1231 simply can’t be beat. It crushes, purees and blends up foods within minutes. Plus, this is a cool kitchen gadget which also makes smoothies, soups and other delicious treats as well. It’s detachable arm twists easily off, giving you the ability to thoroughly clean the device in a short amount of time.

Collapsible Over the Sink Colander / Strainer

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Another Amazon product which really helps out in the kitchen is this handy collapsible over the sink colander! With a capacity of holding up to 6 quarts of fruits, vegetables, pasta and fresh greens. The best part about this Kitchen Candy appliance is how it Saves you the time and hassle of straining your arms from trying to lift it over to the sink.

Silicone Garlic Peeler

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Do you love adding fresh garlic to your favorite recipes, but don’t like that lingering odor it leaves on your hands? Well the Easem Silicone Garlic Peeler is here to save the day! This user-friendly, dishwasher safe gadget is sure to come in handy.

Select-A-Spice Auto-Measure Carousel

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For those who use a wide variety of spices in their cooking, the professional spice carousel is an ingenious appliance worth having. Equipped with special measuring dials, which eliminate the need for measuring spoons. Each canister is 4.5 ounces and has a sleek satiny finish that gives it a stylish appearance.

Watermelon Slicer

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Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means? That’s right! Time for some juicy, delicious watermelon. Making the Kenor Watermelon Slicer, our next Amazon kitchen gadget on this list. Constructed of stainless steel, ensuring it to last through years of use. It slices up your favorite melons with ease and leaves your hands clean in the process.

Kitchen Utensils Set with 39 Pieces

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It is easy to see why this kitchen utensil set has gotten so many rave reviews! These are 39 high quality utensils that have received the FDA’s seal of approval. The entire set consists of a measuringcup and spoons, can & bottle openers, cheese grater, pizza cutter, ice cream spoon, nylon ladle, nylon slotted spoon and turner, nylon spoon,silicone spatula,nylon turner, swivel peeler, potato press, silicone brush, egg whisk, food tong, Y shaped peeler, and corkscrew.

Burger Press & Patty Maker

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Another thing associated with summer is cookouts! The AIDOUT non-stick burger press helps you to form perfectly round hamburgers in no time at all. It’s easy to grip wooden handle allows the user to apply barely any pressure, therefore, not putting any strain upon the wrists or hands.

Kitchen Gizmo Snap ‘N Strain Strainer

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Who doesn’t love a tasty dish of pasta? But it can be quite annoying when the noodles fall into your sink during draining. This no longer has to be the case thanks to the clip-on silicone colander! Fitting onto most bowls and pans, ensuring all of the pasta to remain in its container while be drained.

Breakfast Burrito Maker

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For those with limited time on their hands or who’ve children in the household, this Hamilton Beach burrito maker is a true lifesaver! Don’t have your own recipes to follow? No worries, for it comes equipped with some personal recipes to follow. There’s also a timer w/audible ready tone as well, giving you the heads-up when your food is finished cooking.

Culina French Fry Potato Cutter

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Does your family love homemade french fries? The only thing is having to spend hours in your kitchen peeling potatoes by hand. However, thanks to the latest technology, Culina has produced this phenomenal french fry cutter. Which comes with 2 interchangeable blades to create thickly sliced boardwalk fries or thinly cut gourmet fries.

Herb Scissors

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There’s nothing like a freshly tossed salad to go with dinner, only it takes so much time to cut up the veggies. Well this nifty kitchen shears can get the job within minutes. Equipped with 5 sharp stainless steel blades, the VOFO XMS446 Herb Scissors slice and dice your fresh herbs perfectly.

All of the above mentioned Amazon kitchen gadgets are guaranteed to save you a good amount of time in the kitchen. These are just a few of the numerous others also available on Amazon as well. And when browsing through the various handy appliances of your choosing, remember to keep an eye out for special features. Such as, easy-to-clean products, if they are dishwasher safe, and its durability. This will ensure a kitchen gadget that’s sure to please!