Best Joseph Joseph Kitchen Utensils, Gadgets & Tools

We round up and review the best Joseph Joseph utensils and gadgets perfect for your kitchen.

By Kitchen Gadget Box

We round up and review the best Joseph Joseph utensils and gadgets perfect for your kitchen.

The Best of Joseph Joseph

We list the best and also most popular kitchen gadgets from the UK based designer kitchenware company Joseph Joseph.

Joseph Joseph Chopping Board Set

One of the first and also most popular Joseph Joseph products is the chopping board set, 4 chopping boards each in a different colour with a tab and icon on, all housed in a nice stylish case and stand that can be kept out on your kitchen worktop.

Each board is marked with a icon, one for preparing raw meat, fish, vegetables and cooked food. This is great so that you don’t cut your fresh veg on a chopping board that has just has raw meat on it. The idea is great and the boards are solid and have a non slip base to them which makes them safe and easy to cut on.

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With the boards also being all be different bright colours this also reduced the chance of using the boards for the wrong thing or different items on a raw meat board. The colours used all match other Joseph Joseph products, so if you are a fan they all match and look great together.

As function and style they are great, however one issue we have is that they do cut easily. By that I mean there are knife markings on the boards from where veg or meat has been cut.

These become more obvious when you wash the boards and they become quite visible. This is the only downside to these boards, and a more robust material would have made them perfect, but when you are paying around £30 for a set you would hope for something a bit better.

Apart from the markings from knives they are a great set of chopping boards, and certainly help prevent any cross-contamination of different food types.

Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

This rolling pin is perfect for baking at home or rolling out a pizza base. This clever design will ensure that the pastry or dough is rolled to an even thickness throughout. The rings are held to the rolling pin with plastic screws. Also etched into the wood is a width measurement guide.

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The removable discs at either end of the rolling pin allow you to adjust the height of the roller ensuring a smooth and even level when rolling out dough.

It comes with four sets of removable discs that raise the rolling surface by different amounts, to create exactly the required pastry thickness

Joseph Joseph Tri Scale

Kitchen scales, they always seem to be at the bottom of the cupboard whenever you need them with pans stacked upon them, so the Joseph Joseph Tri Scale certainly caught our eye.

We love the creative products designed by Joseph Joseph and these scales are all that, they are compact, stylish and elegant. They are no bigger in terms of sir than a corkscrew so will pack away neatly into your cutlery drawer, like a swiss army knife two legs pull out to make a 3 leg platform with the one which is fixed and has the display on it.

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Compact scales that are easy to use and then fold down and store in a drawer or cupboard.

The display is clear and has two touch sensitive buttons below, one to turn off and reset the number and the other to change the units. From our testing the scales are very accurate so we can’t fault them for performance.

The two arm prongs fold open and close easily and feel sturdy, the two buttons are sensitive but again work well and are easy to wipe clean. When the two arm prongs are closed they also incase the display and buttons protecting it and also preventing the scales from accidentally being turned on while being stored.

As with a lot of the Joseph Joseph range these scales come in the green that is used within a lot of their products. If green isn’t for you then they also do a white version here too.

They look stylish and work well, taking the function of scales and compacting it down makes these stand out. They are perfect for storing away in a drawer or if you need some compact scales tot ale away for you or when camping perhaps then these are ideal and weight only 322 grams.

These are well built and well designed, they look and work great and perfect for storing away in a kitchen drawer instead of the bottom of a cupboard.

Slice&Sharpen Cutting Board

When you bring out a chopping board the chances are you will be using a knife on it, however over time the knife will need sharpening to maintain its fine shape edge allowing you to easily cut through your vegetables, meat and fruit.

Popular kitchen brand Joseph Joseph have combined a stylish sleek chopping board with a built in knifer sharpener. When you bring out this chopping board you can quickly and easily sharpen your knife before chopping into a large slab of meat.

Joseph Joseph Chopping Board with Integrated Knife Sharpener

The board features a non-slip rubber edge in a darker green which prevents the board from slipping while standing upright when sharpening your knife, and also when it is lying flat when you are using it to chop.

To sharpen your knife just stand the cutting board upright, on the board is a handle cut out and within this at the bottom is a ceramic knife sharpening block that you can run the knife through.

Once done ensure you rinse the board to remove any metal filings taken off the blade when sharpening. The ceramic sharpener is suitable for most stainless steel blades however it does not work with serrated blades or ceramic knives.

Joseph Joseph Chopping Board with Integrated Knife Sharpener

The Slice&Sharpen Cutting Board comes in a choice of three colours, the popular Joseph Joseph green, as well as red or black. The board is BPA free and made from polypropylene and is dishwasher safe for easy care. The large board size measures 14.5 X 11 x 0.5 Inches.

The board is good value and if you don’t have a knife sharpener already then this is a great investment, a stylish bright lightweight chopping board, rubber grab to the edge as well as a handle with a built in knife sharpener.

This is a great design and works really well, if you are in need of a new chopping board then this is a great choice, and with a range of colours to choose from there will be one that suits your kitchen. As well as plastic there is also a more expensive wooden version available too which has a knife sharpener built int as well.

Slice & Serve Bread and Cheese Board

Joseph Joseph are known for their clever and well designed kitchen products that you usually find in a clean white and he Joseph Joseph green shade.

Slice & Serve Bread and Cheese Board is a clever design built around a crisp white melamine tray that has grip handles on either side, within the tray sits a high-quality beech cutting board. The board has two side and can be flipped over depending on which you wish to use. On one side is a bread board, and the other is a plain flat board ideal for cheese. Both work well hence the name live and serve.

Slice & Serve - Bread and Cheese Board by Joseph Joseph

The bread board has grooves built in to catch crumbs making it easy to keep clean. Whichever side you use there is a hole cut out for a removable condiment dish that also comes with this set ideal for olive oil or butter in the dish.

Priced at $25 this is a great gift and also great for evening entertainment.

Joseph Joseph Bread Bin

We love the Joseph Joseph range and the bred bin caught our eye due to its simplistic style and solid build.

The Joseph Joseph bread bin itself is made from stainless steel which you can see on the outside, while the interior of the bin itself is a dark grey.

The lid to bread bin is a solid block of wood with a seamless handle to the top of it which is carved down into the wood allowing you to grip it. With the lid removed it then doubles up as a chopping board, with he had on one side, once flipped over there is the chopping board which has grooves carved out to allow for breadcrumbs to drop into and makes for easy clearing up.

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When it comes to design and style it looks great, the dark inside and airtight container with the solid lid helps keep your bread fresh. So while its form and function is unquestionable the one drawback is the price, at around £75 it is expensive for what it is.

This kitchen bread bin is’t going to change your life, but if you want a stylish bread bin and love the Joseph Joseph range, than although pricey you can’t fault this Joseph Joseph bread bin.

Double Dish

A simple concept that is so useful, especially if you like your pistachios or olives. This bowl works great for edamame, cherries, olives, pistachios, wrapped candy, and sunflower seeds.

The Double Dish from Joseph Joseph has a bowl at the bottom that has leaf gaps where you can drop in seeds, shells, or wrappers from your nuts sweet etc which you can pick from the bowl that sits on top.

Another great and well designed product from Joseph Joseph that comes in their distinctive green colour.

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