OXO Good Grips 4-Cup Fat Separator

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When it comes to the Sunday roast or Christmas dinner there is nothing better than that home made gravy, however the one thing you don’t want is all that fat too.

The OXO Good Grips 4-Cup Fat Separator allows you to pour your gravy into this special jug through the strainer and then the fat will rise to the top while lean gravy settles at the bottom allowing you to pour out leaving the fat. Made from a heat-resistant plastic the jug also has markings on it for convenience and easy measuring. There is also a heat-resistant strainer at the top which catches unwanted bits as well. There is a rubber easy grip handle and a plastic stopper which will stop the fat from going up the spout.

This is a great product and a must have if you like to make your own gravy or stock. No more spillages and a healthier gravy. This is also dishwasher safe and friendly so there is no need to do any extra washing up either.