The Best Wines for your Wine Fridge

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If you are taking the step from rack and refrigerator to full on wine fridge then congratulations, you are about to become a member of a club that isn’t quite as exclusive as it was a couple of years ago! The wine bar culture is very much alive and kicking and the amount of wine bought by both sexes for consumption in the home has never been higher.

Before you decided to embark on buying your wine fridge you will have read all the info about the ideal temperature and humidity etc and the purpose of this article is to point you in the right direction as regards to actually stocking your wine fridge. This might seem the easy bit but it’s something well worth thinking about once you have your shiny new model in the house and it’s begging to be filled. Here are just a few ideas to ensure that wine fridge serves its purpose at all times and never becomes a member of the gadget hall of shame.

The first rule to remember is that you should put in your wine fridge cooler, the wine that you personally want to drink. Don’t get carried away with glossy magazine articles which tell you what to put in your fridge, half the time these are sponsored by the wine producers themselves so of course they want you to stock up on their stuff. Many have bought wine that they think they have to drink, and that’s a lot of money you are pouring down the sink when that aromatic bouquet equates to a taste resembling a sweaty sock soaked in vinegar.

It takes time and experimentation to discover which wines you really like, and once you find one that really suits your palate chances are you will enjoy it for life. That’s not to say you shouldn’t keep trying different ones as this is how we become aficionados and build up our knowledge as well as our collections. Here are just a few of the wines you are more than likely to stock in your fridge to give you an idea of what to buy.

School Night Wine
The easy drinking wine you buy to relax in the evenings after a long hard day. These will the wines that you look forward to having a glass of while you’re at work and that you will drink whether you’re on your own or have company.

Dinner Party Wines
A selection of wines that will complement the meal you are serving. Likewise having a few bottles of these in your fridge is handy for when you are invited out for dinner at short notice and want to take a bottle along with you.

Party Wines
The cheaper, fun wines you will stock up on for larger gatherings than a dinner party when the drink will be flowing freely and you’ll all be having a great time.

Special Occasion Wines
Self explanatory really; those wines you may have bought, or been given, that you crack open to celebrate a special event such as a birthday, anniversary, work promotion etc.

Ageing Wine
Those that will mature and improve with age which you will want to store for a long period of time.