Lime Green Kitchen Accessories

If you want your kitchen’s decor to be on point, you’ll want some accessories to match its color. Here’s a roundup of lime green kitchen accessories.

By Kitchen Gadget Box

If you want your kitchen’s decor to be on point, you’ll want some accessories to match its color. Here’s a roundup of lime green kitchen accessories.

It’s no wonder the ancient natives thought of green as a sacred color. They felt it represents spring, joy, and hope, and they were right. It’s a trendy color to have inside your house, but only if you have what it takes!

Lime Green Kitchen Accessories for Your Trendy Kitchen

If you want your kitchen’s decor to be on point, you’ll want some accessories to match its color. Here’s a roundup of lime green kitchen accessories.

Keenstone 2 Slice Retro Toaster

A retro toaster that’s matching your kitchen’s color is just what you need. You’ll love the Keenstone even more when you take a look at its features. It comes with three main functions: cancel, bagel, and defrost.

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Three Functions with cancel,bagel and defrost; 6 different toasting settings for your choice, lower settings for lighter toast or higher settings for darker can accommodate everyone's taste.

On top of that, you get six toasting settings that you can choose from. That way, you can make the toast as everyone in the family likes.

The toasting slots are 1.5-inch wide, which is enough for making thick toast. Additionally, they can take all types of bread.

Cook N Home Ceramic Coating Cookware Set

This cookware set isn’t only trendy and stylish, but it’s also multi-functional, affordable, and convenient. It includes saucepans, a casserole, a dutch oven, and fry pans. So, basically, you’ll get everything you need.

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Lime green cooking pan set perfect for any green colour schemed kitchen.

The cookware is made of aluminum that ensures even heat distribution, and it’s covered with a ceramic coating that provides healthy cooking. The material also doesn’t develop hot spots when exposed to high heat. Thanks to the unmatched durability, your cookware will last for as long as you use the pans.

DII 100% Cotton Ultra Absorbent Kitchen Towels

Tea towels are among the most essential items in your kitchen. You can use them for almost everything. This set from DII is made from 100% cotton, which ensures excellent absorbance of all liquids. You’ll receive eight towels, each measuring 20 x 28 inches. On top of that, the set includes different designs.

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Set of 8 dishtowels measure 20x28-inches to tackle all of your drying and cleaning kitchen tasks; Each set include 4 different designs.

The towels dry in an instant, ensuring you don’t end up with a foul odor in your kitchen. Additionally, they only need one cold-water wash, and they’ll come out as good as new.

MITBAK Salt and Pepper Shakers (2-Pc. Set)

Small details matter; this applies to lime green kitchen accessories too. These tiny salt and pepper shakers will look pretty on your counter. You can match them with a couple of spices jars to complete the look.

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Lime green salt and pepper grinders.

The shakers are made of durable stainless steel that’s rust-resistant.

The screw-on lids make it easier to open them for refills, and the glass bottoms help you identify the salt and pepper at a glance. The smart design is the MITBAK’s set strong suit.

The shakers are compact enough to fit anywhere but large enough to hold a sufficient amount of salt and pepper.

Garland Rug Jazz Shaggy Washable Nylon Rug

If you’re done with the usable accessories, it’s time to add some lime green touches to the decor. This fuzzy rug from Garland comes in a size that’ll fit anywhere. Whether you have a small or a large kitchen, it’ll go.

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A warm green kitchen rug ideal for kitchens with a stone floor which can be cold in winter.

The shaggy design is pretty easy to clean, although it looks otherwise. The fabric is 100% nylon that doesn’t stick to dust and debris, thereby making it easier for you to clean it using a broom. Plus, the rug’s backing is made of latex, which is skid-resistant to avoid slipping incidents.

Hito Silent Kids Wall Clock Non Ticking

A wall clock is an essential item to have in your kitchen. If you’re going for lime green, this Hito clock is your go-to option. Aside from its attractive color, it doesn’t cause any ticking sound. Cooking is already a nuisance as it is; you don’t need a loud clock to add to it.

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Lime green wall cook perfect for the kitchen and adding a splash of colour to your kitchen wall.

The Hito clock’s numbers are large, so you can see them from a distance. Not only that, but the clock also comes bearing a battery that can work for up to a year.

Wesco Grandy German Designed Steel Bread Box for kitchen

This bread box from Wesco is made of powder-coated steel, which is a highly durable material. Meanwhile, the handles and hinges are made of metal. It comes in an attractive lime green color that’ll perfectly go with the rest of your kitchen accessories.

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Bread bins are essential for every kitchen. Where else would you store different types of bread? Add some retro, vintage style to your home and kitchen with this bread bin.

Ventilation holes top off the box, so your bread stays fresh inside. Additionally, you can quickly clean it using any wet cloth, thanks to the smooth, high-quality material.

Reston Lloyd Enamel Teakettle Non-Whistling

I doubt you’ll find a cuter kettle than this lime green one from Reston Lloyd!

Don’t mind its cute appearance; it’s actually a heavy-duty kettle that’s as durable as they come. The Reston is made of porcelain; it’s a bit heavy for some people, but the small size compensates for it.

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This lime green kettle is compatible with electric and gas stovetops.

It provides even heat distribution, so the material doesn’t get exposed to too much heat at once. On top of that, the handle is heat-resistant, so you can easily hold it without getting burnt.

Rolling Sands Reusable Plastic Stadium Cups

Every kitchen needs a convenient set of reusable cups. This set from Rolling Sands is dishwasher-safe to make your cleaning mission easier. Plus, it’s made of shatterproof plastic, so your kids can throw it on the floor all they want.
The cups are stackable to make it easier to store them.

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Set of 8 reusable 16oz Lime Green plastic cups

Besides, they’re made of BPA-free material to ensure harm-free beverages. They come in a vibrant green color that’ll perfectly match your lime green interiors.

You can get all your accessories in the color you want, as long as there are enough options. In the list above, there’s almost everything you can get in the lime green color. Just make sure to get the right balance of colors, so you don’t get overwhelmed with the green amount in your kitchen!