Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Accessories

If you want to add a calming, soft vibe to your kitchen, consider decorating it with duck egg blue kitchen accessories.

By Kitchen Gadget Box

If you want to add a calming, soft vibe to your kitchen, consider decorating it with duck egg blue kitchen accessories.

Choosing a color scheme for you home can be a very tiring and overwhelming task to undertake – especially if it’s your first time venturing off into the interior design industry.

Duck-egg Blue is loved because it is highly versatile and it looks great in any room and can be used in many styles. This tone is very calming and can bring life to overly bland and dark rooms. It also looks great against chalky and boring tones such as taupe or beige.

You can get creative and use it in addition to monochrome theme or pair it with deep browns to create incredibly striking contrast.

Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Accessories

If you have already settled for robin’s duck egg blue shade for your kitchen, then this post is just for you. Now that you have chosen this as your primary color, next step is figuring out what neutral colors to team it with.

Duck egg blue, also commonly known as Robin’s nest blue or eggshell blue, is a light-medium shade of azure with a touch of green. The delicate, fade-in-the-background hue is what attracts people most to this color.

If you want to add a calming, soft vibe to your kitchen, consider decorating it with duck egg blue kitchen accessories. In this article, we’ll show you some great additions that can transform your kitchen into a calming coastal retreat or a contemporary country escape. Let’s get going!

Chantal Anniversary Enamel on Steel Whistling Teakettle

Made with an ergonomic, “stay-cool” handle and heavy-duty stainless steel body, this duck blue kettle is a charming addition to any kitchen stovetop.

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A stylish Duck Egg Blue kettle that works and looks great.

It has a glossy, scratch-free finish that was fired with enamel at high temperatures to ensure that the color stays intact even after multiple washes. Furthermore, as it’s made with magnetic carbon steel, it can be used on all cooktops, including those with magnetic induction.

All-Green Vintage Stainless Steel Bread Box

Looking to add a vintage dash to your kitchen? If so, check out this sleek, rustic bread bin!

This sturdy bread bin measures 16.5 inches by 9 inches, which should fit most baked goods inside comfortably. It has a smooth, chip-resistant powder coat that’ll blend nicely with your duck green decor.

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A sleek modern and clean looking bread bin perfect for your kitchen.

The best thing about this bread bin is that it’s built to last. It comes with small, concealed holes to seal in just the right amount of moisture without making the bread too moist or soggy.

BTaT Floral Tea Set

This floral, British-style tea set is astonishingly elegant and uniquely handmade, sure to impress anyone who drinks from it.

The set includes four teacups with matching saucers, along with a teapot, a creamer pitcher, a filter, and a sugar bowl. The pot itself can comfortably hold up to 8 cups of coffee or tea.

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bring subtle colors into your kitchen with this tea set, perfect for display shelves and afternoon tea.

Made with high-quality porcelain, every piece in this set is 100% dishwasher-safe. It’s a great alternative to the more expensive Royal Albert tea sets, which is almost three times as expensive as BTaT.

The floral pattern is a nice touch as it breaks the single-hue monotony.

HAWOO Farmhouse Wall Clock

This large, 18-inch, coastal themed wall clock features a slightly weathered wood with black numbers. Unlike traditional wall clocks, the Hawoo clock is purposely designed without a glass lens for increased clarity and to stay true to its rustic design.

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Add a clock to the wall that brings the colors together and goes with your light blue accessories.

It’s made from high-quality medium-density fibreboard, which is much stronger and denser than plywood. Despite the lightly distressed wooden design, the material itself is perfectly smooth, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally puncturing yourself with splinters.

Furthermore, it adopts a silent, non-ticking mechanism, ideal for those who (understandably) hate the sound that a regular wall clock makes!

CUSINAID 4-Slice Toaster

The Cusinaid 4-Slice toaster has everything you’d ever need in a toaster: multiple toasting options, LED indicators, and independent control panels.

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A well built and stylish looking 4 slide toaster that would look good on any kitchen worktop.

Its seven-level adjustable brown settings allow you to toast your bread exactly how you want, from an even light to dark brown. It also comes with three touch buttons so you can reheat, frost, and cancel the toasting process.

If that’s not enough, it has an automatic high-lift lever to facilitate reaching small slices without burning your hands. Furthermore, it comes equipped with two removable crumb trays and cord wrap storage, which makes for hassle-free cleaning.

Kay Dee Designs Tea Towels

Tea towels are one of the most versatile kitchen items there is. You can use them to wipe your dishes clean, to cover up freshly made muffins, to wrap a bottle of wine, and even as a placemat. Fun fact: When Van Gogh ran out of canvas to use, he painted on tea towels!

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Beautifully made and looking tea towls that would go with a duck egg blue colour theme.

The design of tea towels matters when decorating your kitchen. Sure, you can use one-note models, but why not break the monotony and get yourself a decorated kitchen towel instead?

This is where Kay Dee’s kitchen towels come in handy. True to the duck shell blue vibe, these embroidered tea towels come in two whimsical designs: Sea Splash Turtle and Glamorous Mermaid.

Made of 100% cotton, these tea towels are extremely absorbent and fast-drying. Plus, they become softer with every wash!

Creative Co-op Whale Shaped Butter Dish With Lid

Never again will you have to settle for rock-hard butter with this duck egg blue butter dish.

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This dish will not only help you keep your butter stored perfectly at room temperature.

This particular butter dish is one of the most unique models I’ve seen. Entirely made with smoothed stoneware, the lid is shaped like a whale! Even better, the plate itself is molded to look like ocean waves.

Along with duck shell blue, there’s a dark blue alternative if you want to add a bit of bold color to your kitchen.

Farberware Neat Nest Non-Stick Cookware Pots and Pans Set

No kitchen is complete without cookware, and the Farberware Neat Nest balances price and quality with this 10-piece non-stick set.

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Continue your colour theme to your pan set with these quality and stylish looking pots and pans.

This set comes with two covered saucepans, two skillets, a saucepot, and a stockpot. To maximize storage space, these items perfectly stack atop each other using an interlocking design so you don’t have to worry about scratching the material.

Every item is made with high-performance aluminum and comes with a nonstick surface. The lid seal is shatter- and heat-resistant. Furthermore, they’re both dishwasher and oven safe!

Final Thoughts

Due to duck egg blue’s relation to green, this color works particularly well with shades of pink, white, brown, and blue. It’s the perfect color choice if you’re fond of a country-style or a rustic, coastal scheme.

This article should hopefully inspire you to decorate your kitchen with the above duck egg blue kitchen accessories or variations thereof.

Colors to go with your duck egg blue

Duck-egg blue (sometimes also referred to as Robins Egg Blue) is a color that has become increasingly popular. This is because it goes with tons of other colors and when used in interesting ways, it can make a room. It is literally appealing everywhere in home design; from cushions, lamps, sofas, paint, etc. Here, we shall strictly concentrate on kitchen designs.

duck egg kitchen design

Photo credit: NiceKitchens

Duck-egg Blue is loved because it is highly versatile and it looks great in any room and can be used in many styles. This tone is very calming and can bring life to overly bland and dark rooms.

It also looks great against chalky and boring tones such as taupe or beige. You can get creative and use it in addition to monochrome theme or pair it with deep browns to create incredibly striking contrast.

How is your home floor plan?

Do you have an open-plan kitchen design? Does your kitchen open out to your dining and living room? If this is the case, then you need to find one color that breaks up the two sides and one that ties them together. Many people have had great success by pairing Robins-Egg Blue with cream. One great way to do this is by paining your cabinets’ Robin’s-egg Blue and lace your walls with a cream shade.

If you have an open-plan kitchen, there are a few appliances you also need to consider when it is time to paint. For example, many open-plan kitchens need efficient extractor fans in order to remove cooking smells from your multi-functional living space. When making a purchase, you need look for a model that will match the rest of your cabinets; or you need to figure out how to position your cookers so that you can hide your extractor fan.

Using Duck Egg Blue?

Have you given thought to where you are going to use it in your kitchen? Some places it can work well include, but not limited to:

  • On your kitchen walls
  • Cabinets
  • On your appliances and other home accessories such as your kettle or toaster set

Once you answer this important question, you will have an easier way figuring out a way forward

Why not let your appliances speak for you?

Nowadays, there are countless options for home appliances that come in a variety of shades. Now you are able to let kitchen center pieces such as your cooker speak for you. From cookers, toasters, espresso machines, etc, you are bound to find one that matches your color scheme.

There are a range of new generation cookers that are available in an incredible Robin’s-egg Blue. Are you planning to invest in a stylish and colorful cooker? Then you should consider color matching your walls or cabinets for an outstanding finish. You can also opt to have your tiles in a shade of grayish-duck-egg-blue.

Finally, why not opt for a shade of duck-egg-blue for your stools or chair’s fabrics around your island? These chairs/ stools will stand out and complement your colorful appliances – do ensure that all shades are of similar depth and density. You do not want to have your chairs mismatched with different egg-blue shades and your appliances another shade. This will make your kitchen seem haphazardly designed and if not careful, messy.

Go all out

Now that you have decided to pick this bold and eye-catching color, why not combine it with something just as bold? Robin’s-egg-blue merges incredibly well with a bold shade of red or pink. This color scheme is perfect for modern kitchens, vintage, shabby chic and retro kitchens.

Why not try combining red kitchen appliances and accessories with duck-egg-blue cabinets and chairs? Or combine Robin’s-egg-blue walls with a rich shade of red chairs and kitchen table. This unexpected splash of red will bring your entire room to life!

Let’s mix and match

Ever thought Robin’s-egg-blue can merge so perfectly with teal and bright red, dark red, hot pink or pastel pink? You would be surprised by just how well teal ties everything together. Try combining a teal table with duck egg blue cabinets and red accessories.

When looking for a more colorful outcome, then combine your primary color with pastel colors! Just about all pastel shades will work because all of them are subtle shades. You can mix your primary color-scheme with just about any pastel shade and they will just merge so perfectly. Always wanted to own a set of mustard yellow plates, spoons, toaster, kettles, etc? Then here is your chance. Add a splash of vibrant colors to your kitchen accessories and watch your guests be in awe of how ingeniously well they mix together.

Duck egg blue color ideas

Duck Egg Blue is just one those irresistible pastels that is trending. It is a fun tone to incorporate into your kitchen. It is a classic shade rife that has a homely comfort to it – yet it is still fresh and vibrant. The main appeal is its soft and fresh feel. When using such a colour, be sure to mix it with a few neutral tones.

We would love to know how you are using Duck-Egg-Blue in your home. We would love to see your interior design of how you have applied it in your kitchen so feel free to share a few pictures with us. Do not just pick tones and mix them together.

It is always advised you first play around with paint catalogues and see what matches best and what doesn’t. Next, figure out where each individual shade is going to be applied. When you successfully do this, your entire kitchen will come out beautifully.