Buying A Wine Cooler and Fridge Guide

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If you love your wine then you will love these fantastic wine fridges and coolers that are ideal for keeping your favourite bottles at just the right temperature. We review and guide you to the wine fridges that you should look at from the the small to large.

Buying A Wine Cooler and Fridge

A wine fridge is designed to protect the contents and allow wine to mature at the right temperature. It better to use a wine cooler than to store bottles in a kitchen fridge, where they take up a lot of space and the wine is not always kept in the best condition.

A wine fridge can be of almost any size. Most wine cooling appliances are easily portable and even the largest cabinets are designed to be space saving, so you can store bottles in a separate garage or basement space.

Before checking out some wine cooler reviews or making a final choice about getting a wine fridge, it is a good idea to understand exactly why you need one, what type you need, what can be stored in a wine cooler or fridge and what temperatures different types of wine require.

Why You Need to Have a Wine Fridge

Wine matures properly when kept in a constant temperature in a wine fridge, where it can be kept in the best condition for aroma and taste.

An entire wine collection can be damaged by fluctuating temperatures in a wine cellar. Corks can expand and shrink with changes in temperature. When this happens, air can get into the bottles and the wine will become oxidized or the contents could start to seep out.

Buying A Wine Cooler and Fridge Guide

Wine requires to be kept in the right environment with a constant temperature, or the aroma and the taste will be affected. If wine is stored in conditions that are too cold, deposits can build up, which may affect the texture, taste and aroma of the wine. When the temperature rises too high (above 18°C/65°F) during storage, the aging process accelerates. This harms the balance of a wine and causes a loss of flavour.

Owning a wine fridge means that bottles are always kept in optimal condition and that wine is available when required. A wine fridge can also be used to store other beverages such as mixers, beers and fruit juices.

What Type of Wine Fridge to Choose

The bottle capacity of a wine fridge and the best type to choose is therefore going to have to be right for your personal wine collection and for the amount of space available for storage. A compact table-top wine cooler can store anything from four to two dozen bottles. A large freestanding wine cooler could be designed to hold more than a hundred bottles. Take into consideration the fact that champagne bottles and other large bottle sizes take up more space than the average wine bottle.

When looking at wine cooler reviews for different types of wine fridge, consider your own wine preferences and what will be most suitable for the storage requirements of your wine cellar.

A Table-top Wine Fridge
This is the lowest cost option and is more suitable for someone who buys wine for drinking rather than for collecting. The main advantage is that it will not take up any floor space.

A Freestanding Wine Fridge
Freestanding appliances are usually in the middle of the price range for a wine fridge. There is a bigger choice in bottle capacity when choosing this type of unit and it has the advantage that you can place it anywhere suitable in your home.

A Built-in Wine Fridge
This is the most expensive option, because a built-in wine cooler cabinet is designed to fit snugly into a space without any ventilation. A freestanding wine fridge will always require space around it for ventilation. A built-in wine fridge does not.

Different Types of Wine and Temperature Requirements

Single zone models of wine fridge are designed either to hold a collection of white wines or a red wine collection. You will need to choose a dual zone wine cooler if you are intending to store more than one type of wine in a wine fridge.

The Best Wines for your Wine Fridge

Multi-temperature cabinets are the solution for maturing wine and keeping wine ready to serve within the same unit. When you are looking at multi-temperature wine cooler reviews you will see that units are designed to work as a wine cellar for maturing wine and also provide a separate section for chilling bottles of white wine or warming red wine so it can be served at precisely the right temperature.

All types of white wine need to be stored at a lower temperature than red wine. The ideal storage temperature for a white wine is around 7°C/45°F.

Red wine that is served at room temperature or slightly lower should be stored in a wine fridge at a constant temperature of between 10-13°C/50-55°F.

Where to Keep Your Wine Cellar

Having found the type of wine cooler that meets your requirements, the only decision thatremains is to determinewhere isthe best place for a wine fridge to be kept within your home.

A wine fridge can be placed anywhere inside a building or outbuilding, but when deciding on the best location for your wine cellar it is worth considering the differences in temperature between the interior and exterior of a wine fridge, and the natural light conditions around it.

The higher the temperature of the space where you keep your wine fridge and the more sunlight there is, the more energy will be usedby the appliance and the more wear it will get.

On the top floor of a building the temperature is generally going to be much higher in summer. The ideal place for a wine cellar is in a cool basement or adark garage, but in either of those locations the temperature is stilllikely to fluctuate according to the season.

It is important to check that all the bottles stored within a wine fridge are protected from strong UV sunlight. Most wine cooler cabinets have a double-paned glass frontage, and some of the higher quality onesprovide additional UV protection by having smoked glass in the front panels. If your wine fridge is going to be placed close to a window where there is a lot of direct sunlight, this would be the best option.

When you have placed your wine fridge in a convenient position, you will always have enough good wine available for parties and any special occasion. You can invest in some fine wines and build up a wine cellar, knowing that it will age without losing any of its quality or value. When you want to store a collection of any size, you need to know that itcan bekept safely stored inside a wine fridge.