Russell Hobbs Two Zone 32 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

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This Russell Hobbs 32 Bottle Wine Cooler has two cooling zones which allows you to have a wine fridge with two different temperature compartments. Each zone has 4 racks holding 4 bottles which gives you space for 16 bottles in each zone.


As with most of the Russell Hobbs wine coolers it comes in a sleek black modern design that would be suited for any classy bar. A black exterior and glass front door which also has the touch controls positioned on.

Although there are two compartments there is just one door. The glass door itself is blacked out like a car, however the is a ‘window’ at the top which allows you to see into the top zone, whereas you cannot see into the bottom at all. Within the middle of the door is the touch panel where you can turn the light on and off and adjust the temperature of the two zones which are shown on two LED displays which look great.

The wire racks and shelves within the fridge are all removable, just ensure there is enough room to swing the door open 90 degrees. The racks will hold most bottles but are too tight for wide shouldered burgundy bottles, port and most champagne bottles.


As mentioned before there are two zones, of which each zone can have its temperature set, however there are limits to each zone. The upper compartment can be set between 12 C – 18 C, whilst the lower compartment offers temperatures between 8 degrees up to 18 degrees. The lowest the fridge can be set to is 8 degrees which is fine for most, but if you like your wine a little cooler than 8 degrees is its limit.

The fridge itself is quite quiet and not really noticeable, it is easy to use, quick to set up and looks great. This model also comes with a 2 years manufacturers warranty as well.


A stylish looking fridge holding 32 bottles between 2 zones. Great if you want dual temperature zones and fits nicely under most kitchen worktop counters.

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