Russell Hobbs 34 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

When it comes to wine coolers for the home this is certainly one to consider as it is one of the best sellers on the Amazon UK site, and after taking a look at it we can see why! A stylish design with a good build quality, holding up to 33 bottles all for a great price.

Benefits of Keeping wine cool

Wine coolers, or to give them their Sunday name small wine fridges, do exactly as their name suggests. Intended to be used for relatively short periods of time, the main purpose of a wine cooler is to keep the wine at the best temperature for its consumption and this vastly differs depending on the type of wine you prefer. Small wine coolers serve their purpose perfectly well if you also have a more permanent arrangement in place for long term storage. Then again, an awful lot of wine drinkers just purchase wine as and when, and use a wine cooler rather than a larger storage facility.

You may be wondering at this point why should you bother buying a wine cooler, especially, for red wine, when the experts say to drink it at room temperature. Consider this, what about during the winter when you have the heating on, or during the hot summer months? Room temperature can differ and unless is Gluhwein you shouldn’t be drinking hot or even warm wine. A wine cooler will simply bring your bottle of red down the temperature it should be drunk at, and will taste its best at.

When it comes to shopping for a wine cooler the first thing to determine is how many bottles you want to store. If you are one of the aforementioned wine drinker who buys a bottle at a time, or even a case of 6, a wine cooler as opposed to a large fridge will more than suffice. If, however, you are a dedicated oenophile who likes to buy in bulk you should be looking at one of the larger models or move up to a wine fridge. A good tip is to always go a little big bigger than you think you need as there is nothing more annoying that having your wine storage restricted due to the size of cooler or fridge you have.

When it comes to where to purchase your wine cooler from the phrase ‘spoilt for choice’ springs to mind. Many high street electrical stores sell them as do numerous specialist websites. If you want to get an idea of how previous customers have rated the cooler you are interested head to one of the many review sites. Both Amazon and eBay also carry a large range and the latter also includes customer reviews.

If you don’t want to add to your carbon footprint look for a thermoelectric wine cooler or fridge. These coolers are bereft of any liquids, gases or moving parts and are beneficial in many ways. The lack of components means there is less things to go wrong with them so they should serve you for longer. Another bonus is that they will be a lot quieter as there will be no vibration. No CFC’s are used so they help the environment plus their streamlined profile allows them to fit into a smaller space and take up a lot less floor space.

Buying a wine cooler, and knowing you are always going to be able to drink your favourite tipple at its ideal temperature, should be an enjoyable experience and hopefully these tips will help it to be exactly that.


The Russell Hobbs 33 75cl Bottle Wine Cooler is a classy and stylish looking fridge, it has 6 racks holding 5 bottles each, then at the bottom is w ire rack container which can hold 3 bottles too. If you wish you could also put cans of beer in there if you wanted or larger bottles.

It is a standalone fridge designed to go on the floor under a kitchen countertop, the smart glass door on the front is reversible so can be hung to open to the left or the right depending where you wish it to go.

The fridge under any kitchen worktop will look fantastic, it has a black exterior with a stylish glass front door which has stainless steel side panels on the front. To the top of the fridge is the touch panel control system where you can also turn on and off the stylish blue led interior light which looks great when on in the evening. Here you can also adjust the temperature of the fridge which is shown on a handy LED display.


This wine cooling fridge works very quietly keeping your wine cool anywhere between 5C and 18C, the touch panel at the top of the fridge is easy to use and can also easily be wiped clean too. The storage of the wine is easy to add and remove with the racks of high quality and enough room to make it simple to remove bottles, while also looking good through the glass door.