Husky HN7 Dual Zone Reflections Wine Chiller

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The Husky HN7 Dual Zone Reflections Wine Chiller will hold 24 bottles and has a 69 litre capacity. There are two compartments which have there own door and are individually temperature controlled, ideal for splitting your red and white wine.

The top compartment will hold 8 bottles of wine and can be set between 8 and 18 degrees. The lower compartment will hold 24 bottles and can have a temperature set at between 9 and 18 degrees. This can all be controlled on the front at the top where there are blue led lit control buttons to set the temperatures. There is a light inside which you have to turn on and off at the top, it won’t come on when you open the door like a kitchen fridge.

The bottles are held on wire racks within, the exterior is black with the doors on the front which are a reflective black finish. It is a stylish and smart looking wine fridge and a good size.

It is a little heavy on power consumption with a rating of F, Energy usage is 329 kWh/annum.

The Husky HN7 Dual Zone Reflections Wine Chiller is a good looking wine fridge and very stylish, the dual temperature zones are great and work well, and also the split door, the only downsides which are small is the power consumption and also the lowest temperature is 8 degrees in one of the zones, where some may wish it to be less than that.